Comparison Chart Between Islam and Christianity

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Comparison Chart Between Islam and Christianity
A brief overview of the concepts that are central to both Islam & Christianity


Allah & God

Distant  (unknowable)

Does not reveal himself – reveals only his will

Merciful (forgives at his will)

Capricious (both “leads” and “misleads”)

Vengeful (honor restored only by “getting even”)

Almighty (emphasis on power)

Personal (can be known)

Revealed himself in Incarnation of Jesus Christ


Concerned for individual



Almighty (power balanced with love)



Total denial of Incarnation

God’s Son


Revealed by God

Changed and corrupted by unfaithful Jews &

Revealed by God

Authorative Word


God, Mary and Jesus (Islam’s view of the Christian trinity)

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Intellectual agreement that Allah is One and Muhammad is Prophet

Recognition that man is a sinner unable to save himself but trusts in Christ’s substitutuionary payment for his sins


Shame, embarrassment

Rebellion against God

Dishonor to family

People are inherently good

Absolved by good works

Rebellion against God (primarily) and man; result is guilt

Requires divine forgiveness

All people are born with a sin nature, but a just God requires that the penalty be paid – Jesus paid it


Provided by God at His will

Faith and works prerequisite

Cannot be assured

Provided by God to all who trust in Jesus Christ’s atoning death on the cross; works do not lead to salvation

Emphasis on ritual and obedience to Koran

External and  ceremonial

Keep five pillars

Emphasis on the growth of the Christian into Christ-likeness, through the work of the Holy Spirit


Erotic and familial

Spiritual (God’s love – agape, sacrificial love)

Family, romantic love, friendship and erotic love all recognized


Believe in unseen world

Realm with angels on left and right (good/bad)

Satan is regarded as force of hate and power

Fatalistic – all is preordained by God

Believe in angels and demons as described in Bible

Satan is arch enemy of God; totally evil with lesser power than God

Man can overcome evil only through the power of God given to him by the Holy Spirit

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