Boehner MUST GO! Are They Listening?


The House is listening to us? Seems that that is a very real possibility!  Last night Boehner was told something he and the tax and spend jerkoffs are just not used to hearing - one word -    NO! 
From Red State - Plan B Aborted

John Boehner proceeded with Plan B (tax hike) and gave neither assurances nor reassurances that he would fight for meaningful spending cuts or entitlement reforms.

For two years, House Republican leaders have backtracked from every pledge they’ve made with the American people and, as importantly, with the conservative base.
Last night those conservatives and outside conservative groups too often burned by John Boehner’s broken promises told the Speaker it was time to stop negotiating away their principles.

John Boehner is wounded as a Speaker.

How about we just keep those cards and letters (and emails and phone calls and tweets) goin!

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Findalis said...

I have called and called but Boner has the votes. Or maybe not. We shall see how it goes and pray for a double cross.

Merry CHRISTmas!!!

Findalis said...


There is a movement to make Paul Ryan Speaker. I hope they don't split the Republican vote and we get Nancy again.

Andrea said...

Findalis - according to this article @ Breitbart - it is all but impossible for Nancy to become speaker. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/12/21/House-Republican-members-circulate-plan-to-oust-Speaker

Findalis said...

@ Andrea

That is a relief. I think Paul Ryan would be a wonderful speaker. A thorn in Obama's side.