Another family in distress

I have just returned from helping another family in distress. It is on the cold side with snow and more in forecast. This was in town but in a very run down home.  Gathered a few right minded friends to help out so all is OK for now. Single dad with two little ones, quite a tragic story. They are a lot warmer, have food warm clothes, a Christmas Tree and gifts for the little girl and boy. Dad will have something for him tomorrow

I am exhausted and worn out but Jesus allows me to do what needs to be done when called. Now to the home front and all is NOT quiet on the Western front. I work in the shadows and He knows what I do.

Back later if I can, need rest for now. PatriotUSA

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Nick said...

Well done my man!

Grog said...

You just increased your tribe by a few, even if the others dont know it yet. Bravo.

PatriotUSA said...

Thanks to both of you and prayers are appreciated the most.

Nick knows we have little extra, barely get by as so many do BUT I am part of a bunch of folks, all evil, horrible gun totting CONSERVATIVES who all work together and ask for no glory, no reward, nothing other than trying to do show what Jesus said and did. Compassion and giving to others who have been harder and worse than me.

As I said, we by choice, work in the shadows and few know of what we do. We hear of a need, pull together what we can and try to make a difference.

The Lord knows of us who do answer His call whenever we can.
I can hardly walk and my pain is horrific yet I am blessed beyond any measure of what is wealth here on earth.

It is snowing, AJ and I need a bit of a late night walk and then I need to go check on this dad and his kids. The hour does not matter as I am robbed of sleep every night.

Grog, amen to your words.

Andrea said...

Bless you Patriot.