An irritating problem....cannot see well at all!

No joke on the title.

My spectacle  frame broke very early Sunday morning and I am using a pair of glasses from six years ago. I am badly farsighted, have over 4.50 diopters of astigmatism correction in my left eye, almost as bad in the right, vertical and horizontal prism in both eyes, my eyes have always been bad. I wear progressive lenses and have for years. Now it is back to a straight top 35 bifocal with a slab off in the left lens. Really out of date Rx.

I was an Optician for about 12 years so I know Optics, Optometry and some ophthalmology as I worked with both Optometrists and Ophthalmologists. I cannot see the keyboard and the monitor is very blurry. Until I can get my old lenses into a new frame, I am unable to do much. Funds are non existent fro a new frame but I have to do something. At Christmas time no less. Last year it was two root canals and crowns.

So if you do not see much from PatriotUSA, this is the reason. I am soooo tired of this nonsense.
Hard to do much much when all is a blur and your specs cause you to have double vision at times.

Work should be all sorts of fun tomorrow. Back as soon as I get my lenses into a new frame and I am snooty about frames. I will NOT wear a made in China spectacle frame. Italy or German made frames are the only ones I will purchase, period.

My apologies.

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Nick said...

I know how that goes, I'm needing a new prescription right now but just can't afford new specs at the moment. Maybe next month ... or the month after.

Andrea said...

Just one more thing, huh? Sorry!