Pro-Israel Rally in LA

Gary Fouse

Hat tip the Blaze and LA Jewish Journal

Photo - OC Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism

Yesterday, about 1,400 people turned up at the Federal Building in West LA to show their support for Israel. Naturally, a couple of hundred keffiya-clad pro-terrorist forces showed up as well. The below video is by Jay Firestone and was shown in the LA Jewish Journal. In the below video, I heard one Palestinian supporter yelling, "Hezbollah!". That is the terrorist organization that blew up the Marine barracks in Lebanon and killed over 200 Americans back in the 1980s.
The Blaze has three videos that show the clashes between the two sides on Wilshire Blvd.

Well, as you can see a wonderful time was had by all. In one of The Blaze videos a man is heard calling a woman a "sharmota" ("whore"-I believe the Arabic and Hebrew words are similar). In addition, a Jewish friend of mine who was there heard a Middle Eastern guy calling a Jewish woman a "Jewish pig" along with several other expletives.

This is somewhat similar to the scene in LA during the last Gaza go-around in 2009 when yours truly was out there holding an Israeli sign.

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