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Where great jobs are scarce but taxes and government overreach, are high. 


One of my favorite things to rant about and dislike is political correctness. It is right up there with excessive diversity and multiculturalism gone wild. Sheesh, and with all political ads every where one turns.This country, because of liberalism and political correctness, now has a very thin skin. I will not list all the hows and whys here as I might die before I get that completed. Then again, I am pretty sure there is no political correctness in heaven but I have been wrong before.

So imagine my shock, my horror, my disdain for those who are upset about, so many, and I repeat so many disliking President Obama because he is a closet communist, an Alinsyite of the worst kind, a very nasty Islamosympathizer, liar, thief, has subverted our Constitution, should be impeached, hates our military, hates the USA and American Exceptionalism and last but not least because we are all RACISTS and do not like Obama because he is BLACK.

For most of us who truly dislike him it has NOTHING to do with Obama's skin color and I have mentioned this how many times here? I would dislike Obama the same no matter what his skin color might be. Some idiots just cannot accept this.

Here you go and my comments will be in purple, NOT BLACK (I surely do not want to offend anyone here or by being a racist by using colored text here!) after the offended idiots have had their say. PatriotUSA

Letters disrespect President Obama

I have been reading political opinions in The Bulletin for some time. I am surprised that the overwhelming majority of those letters seem to have the primary objective of smearing President Obama. Recently a writer encouraged us to “get rid of this fool."

Disrespect for a president has never been so blatant, nor has the lack of rational discourse. If nothing else, mustn’t the office be respected? I hold this quaint notion of “country first."

On election night of 2008, I marveled at what a great stride forward our nation had made. That same evening, however, the Republican leadership huddled to crystallize a strategy of limiting the president to one term, not by grooming a qualified challenger for the next election, but by conspiring to block any legislation favored by him and to seize upon every opportunity to embarrass him. This objective, above all else, essentially “fiddling while Rome was burning," has held the country hostage. What a strategy — thwart the president at every turn, then blame him for failure.

Why such opposition to this president, in fact outright hatred? A rare instance of truth and honesty surfaced recently at a political rally whose attendees sported shirts emblazoned with “Put White Back in the White House." Despite its repugnancy, it was oddly refreshing. If only there could be a widespread outbreak of candor. Whatever happens on Nov. 6 will not erase the fact that America elected a black president; in that much I take comfort.

Patrick Martin

This is an easy one. we are supposed to like Obama because he is BLACK and it does not matter that he is a failure. I and many others REFUSE to respect any man of ANY color who has no respect for our Constitution, our men and women of the military, has failed to offer up a budget, has  pushed through Obamacare behind closed doors, is responsible for the murder of FOUR AMERICANS in Benghazi and his domestic, foreign policies are total failures that have weakened us abroad and here at home. Great, I'll have a an IPA to celebrate the COLOR barrier for the POTUS being broken but I refuse to celebrate anything that Obama has done. Mr. Martin, I hope you you celebrate his hopefully upcoming removal or impeachment  from office and it will NOT be because he is BLACK! White Man's Burden anyone or is that racist and bigoted of me?

Enlightenment needed

Recent written opinions of the president are increasingly irrational. He’s been called “a communist," “a Marxist" and he apparently “should be impeached"; “the sky will fall if we re-elect this guy."

In the March 10 Economist, the Lexington column described the writer’s travels in the U.S. In Tennessee, he asked the proprietor’s opinion of the president; the response was a racist epithet. Although this Pleistocene-epoch remark seems extreme, looking at rhetoric from these past weeks make me wonder if this attitude is at the core of the most scurrilous statements regarding the president. North of the Mason-Dixon Line, many are believed to harbor the same racial attitudes as do many in the South, but lack the intestinal fortitude to express them aloud
Prejudices are the most corrosive elements influencing human attitudes. Hatred gives a person internal permission to abandon reason and facts, relying instead upon emotions and the influence of propagandists who manipulate us based on irrational arguments and false premises. It worked for the Nazis and the Taisei Yokusdankai, it works for the Taliban, and it appears to be working in the U.S. electorate. It works well in low-information societies, which the U.S. is becoming. This, if nothing else, should inspire us to improve our schools, to graduate citizens who will base their votes on facts and reason. If this doesn’t happen, the future of our country is, indeed, at stake, and the outlook is not optimistic. One can only hope that we’ll undergo our own enlightenment.

William R. Walker

Our enlightenment is already well under way. Obama has been proven and exposed as a manufactured man, an Alinskyite of the worst kind. Reason, FACTS, Obama's lies and refusal to share HIS history with the American people has worn thin. He is an empty suit occupying an empty chair and he deserves to be a one term President or impeached. He stands in Hitler's shadows and has pulled many a play from the Nazi book of evil. I hope enlightenment is not too painful for your brainwashed, unicorn fart polluted brain.

It’s all about character

The economy will continue to recover, the war will eventually end, most national issues will eventually resolve one way or another. To me, the overarching issue in the presidential race comes down to who a person really is. Gov. Mitt Romney has repeatedly demonstrated that when faced with a difficult question or issue, he says what he thinks people want to hear, or he says nothing. “I’m running for office, for Pete’s sake, I can’t have illegals." When an African-American journalist was publicly and wrongly humiliated by Newt Gingrich in South Carolina, Romney watched in silence.

There have been numerous similar incidents with this candidate. This week, he ignored a reporter who asked him many times what his ideas on FEMA were, in light of Hurricane Sandy. No response. A Romney ad in Ohio made obviously false and misleading statements about President Obama’s automobile industry policies, playing to the “low-information" voters, and Romney “approves this ad."

President Obama, as a human, has faults, but remaining silent in the face of injustice isn’t one of them. He is forthright, intelligent, hardworking, empathetic, shows humility and is honest. He connects genuinely with all kinds of people.

Policies and issues come and go; the characters of the players is what really counts. Romney has demonstrated no true sense of who he really is in the real world, no genuine connection with most of us. Obama has done so, in so many positive ways for the past four years. To me, it’s all about character.

David Howe

Obama is intelligent? Liar and thief, works behind closed doors to take other people's money to redistribute to others to level the playing field. Obama is HARD WORKING???Yes he is on the golf course or sleeping when that phone call comes at 3:00 AM. Obama does not know the meaning of hard work and has NEVER done a week's worth of real work in his manufactured, paid for life. He is not honest (See Benghazigate, Obamacare, his tax plan and let me leave it at this for the sake of  keeping this somewhat short for Ozark Guru. No he does not connect with all sorts of people. Only those who LEAN FORWARD and are part of that infamous 47% or those who still want to live on the plantation regardless of their skin color.

Blame those responsible

I read the “Can’t keep blaming Bush" comments and began to see red. So who do we blame?

We blame Obama for the last four years, you dyed in the tank progressive moron. Sorry, I got ahead of myself. Can you blame me?

Someone has to take responsibility for starting a horrible war in Iraq, allowing the banking industry and Wall Street to take our economy to the verge of bankruptcy and turning a blind eye as the oil industry, being allowed to trade on the stock exchange and constantly run up the price of a barrel of oil based on not the cost of getting the oil to the pump but because of pure speculation. Someone has to take ownership of these things that nearly destroyed the U.S. economy.

We have George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to blame for all this. President Obama spent his first two years trying to rectify the Bush debacle. And as a result our economy is slowly recovering. Had John McCain become president this country would have followed the same fate as the Soviet Union within a year or so and the only thing left would have been the rich and working poor. Let’s blame who is responsible for this mess.

Raymond Powell

Still blaming Bush? What happened to our country is the failure of MANY administrations and especially two that come to my mind, the Carter and Johnson administrations. Seriously, grow a pair already or did you send them in as a campaign contribution so Obama might have a pair to replace the ones that Michelle gobbled up years ago. My apologies for any visual that may have triggered. And 8% unemployment (try 14-16% U6 numbers for real figures on the total unemployed) is good for you and our country, the price of gasoline at least doubling? Obama doing all he can to kill, suppress domestic energy production and one massive green energy failure after another works for you? No, if Obama gets another term, the USA will make the Soviet Union look like a really free country. Obama has already pushed this country towards just the rich and poor as he is KILLING the middle class, small and mid size businesses. You can remain ignorant and blind but the American people are NOT as stupid as you are. Might I suggest a move to France, Sweden, or Norway?

Vandals disregard rights

This an open letter to the vandals who removed my Obama/Biden sign by trespassing on my property in Tumalo.

Your behavior is indicative of:
1. An intelligence level on the evolutionary scale equal to that of the first critters to emerge from the primordial ooze;

2. Courage on a par with that of the men in white robes and pointed hoods who rode under the cover of night to commit their deprivations; and

3. A blatant disregard for my First Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution that guarantee to all our citizens the right of free expression.

The aforementioned illegal act further reinforces my belief that I am supporting the right candidate for U. S. president, Barack Obama.

Margaret Marshall

You put an Obama/Biden sign in your yard. I need to say nothing more about that do I? But since you put a sign in your yard and this is why I DO NOT. So when leftards, union thugs, goons, Occupy movement freeloaders and commies do this to Romney signs, it is all right with you, Ms. Marshall? Speaking of intelligence level, you really should not have brought this up as your letter shows the hatred and vile poisons that are flowing from you via the Obama camp. The hatred, division, polarization based on social, race, and economic issues that Obama has used right out of Saul Alinsky's own book. But it is OK as long as YOUR Man child and stooge push it. You mention the KKK, seriously? See the above please and how politically correct we are being. Only YOUR first amendment rights have been violated? What about the rights of the four Americans Obama murdered and he left behind in Benghazi? I bet you do not care about them or the massive failure that is Obama. Mr. Obama has violated our entire Constitution but I doubt you realize this as you have never probably read it? Your precious blind ignorance, hatred and stupidity will help ensure millions of Americans to vote for Romney. 

Now to end this on a good note and please note what I have highlighted in bold red.

Democracy at risk

I can’t agree more with Stan Stieben’s Oct. 13 In My View piece. He addressed precisely what voters should be focusing on.

To have a man in the White House who hates what this country stands for is one of the biggest mistakes the voters of this country have ever made. I pray that voters understand it better this time around.

When exiting the final session of the Continental Congress, they were asked by a citizen what they had done. One of the Founding Fathers purportedly said, “We have given you a republic — now see if you can keep it." They knew back then that straight-up democracies don’t work. The following statement has been attributed to Alexander Tyler who was a Scottish history professor in the 1700s: “A democracy is always temporary in nature: It simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority will always vote for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury. The result being every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship."

Obama has spent a trillion more dollars than we take in every year since he has been in office. If the debt crisis plus the above quote doesn’t cause you great concern before you vote for the next president, I guess nothing will.

Steve Hill

Superbly said, Mr. Hill and  a warning to us all. Even for the progressive, Kool Aid drinking fools that will still vote for Obama.

Link to all the above is here from the Bend Bulletin.

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