Paperwork nightmare is over.... I will return with much more later

All the nasty paperwork I have had to do this past week is completed. It goes in the mail tomorrow.

I purposely left out the sordid details but suffice it to say that the SSA is messing with what little disability I receive. When one gets SSDI, you are allowed to work part time if you are able and make up to $1,000.00 a month. If you make ANY AMOUNT over this figure, you are automatically considered guilty of exceeding what SSA calls SGA or Substantial Gainful Activity. I have worked since 2005 after five plus years of surgeries and getting stable again or as much as I could. It is the system, right or wrong that is in place. Fair or unfair does not matter and I hold no grudge or animosity towards the SSA. I do hate not being able to work full time and provide for my family as I want to. After this next round of fusion surgery, there is very high chance I may not be able to return to work at all. This is about regaining some spinal stability and little about much in the way of pain relief. It could be much worse, much worse.

For anyone new here or who may not know much about PatriotUSA, I do not say much about myself or snivel very much. I am very disabled (OK, let's not bring up the mental stuff as most know I am somewhat deranged and a bit crazed but mostly in good ways?), have had two spinal fusions with another multiple level fusion early next year as the original fusions have failed and the titanium parts are wearing out. Just a side note, eight right shoulder surgeries later and that joint is gunny bagged and must be replaced at some point down the road. I am no sandbagger who sits on disability. Now it is up to the the appeal process.

I do NOT like to be bothered or messed with by anyone.

At the foot of the Cross

Whining? NO, not really but I will take your prayers. Any and all the time. I like receiving white lights form above. Know what I mean? Jesus and the Cross are my rock.

He is a loving and forgiving God, G-d. I am blessed beyond measure. PatriotUSA

No questions taken as I do not have the answers. HE does.

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