New page on Facebook for Patriot's Corner

A very good friend and very fine person asked if they could create a Facebook page for Patriot's Corner....Hmm?!?

This individual offered to manage the page and take on any dolts that wander in and I am sure that will happen. Facebook leans so far FORWARD it is quite pathetic and I have blocked a lot of people, even my own family from my FB posts. Let me just leave it at that I am the LONE Conservative in my family for the most part. Been this way for a very long time and I am fine with it. I am sure there are members of my own family who are convinced that I hate Obama just because he is black. That is not the case but you cannot argue with most brainwashed liberals.

So I said all right, go for it and they are driving this train on FB.

As many here know I am not too much of a FB type person. I post on FB and then bail out. I do not hang out there or on any other social media site for very long. My time is too scarce to argue with trolls, brainwashed morons and Islamosympathizing dhimmi stooges or the culturally enriched. I joined FB a long time ago and basically bailed out when it just got too big and it was wasting too much of my time.

So here is the link and a spot image of the page. I hope most of you will at least drop by and like the new Patriot's Corner page on Facebook.

Patriot's Corner on Facebook

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Anonymous said...

Just liked your page...good luck, keep up the fight!

PatriotUSA said...

Thank you Doug. I plan to keep on doing just that.