I Shant Be A Lady

Papa (watching from above as he was truly an angel) would NOT approve of this post though his language could definitely have been called colorful when it came to politics.  Mama was known to wash our mouths out with soap!  NO lie!  Now I, with grown children of my own might ought to consider their responses but I think until such time as I have a hand full of grandchildren I shall just continue to wear purple, and I think some of you might know what that means.... :-)
There was a time when I think most of us would not even consider putting these pictures anywhere on a blog.  For me, it started with Clinton - that down hill spiral to utter disdain/disgust for politicians in particular.  I am saddened to no longer have respect for many of those who speak for our country but I also no longer give a flying farthing.
The first pic should have gone viral by now as I believe the "incident" happened a couple of hours ago.  The second vomit inducing piece my BIL Dan sent this morning. 
That is all the tacky for this day.  Ya'll have a lovely afternoon - and

2/12/2013 pictures removed on notice from Blogger of copyright infringement possibly.  The kiddies will all be happy now and I don't give a flying fork!

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Findalis said...

Why is it that I want to rip that little bastard from that whore's belly and then shove the both of them into a wood chipper?

Nick said...

I'm sure I used to pick that girl up in my taxi ... seriously the amount of people on benefits who had taxi cards etc, or who just used taxis to get around, was unreal. I mean the idea of working for a living and buying a car of your own was just unheard of to these people.

Findalis said...

@ Nick

I do not drive (For various reasons the big one being I cannot afford the insurance on one.) and take Taxis once and a while. Plus the VA will give me a voucher for a Taxi when I need to see my doctor. There are many of us who get government money (Mine is a VA pension.) who have to use taxis when there is no other option.

Nick said...

Sure, that's why taxis exist. People need them for various reasons. But like everything else, there are people like the nice young lassie in the picture who abuse the system not for any genuine reason, not really, but just because they want a free ride - figuratively and literally!

I used to like taxi-ing, met a load of interesting people, one old dear who had been in Coventry during the war & had been bombed by the Nazis; an ex-Major who had led a bayonet charge against the japs and who had several fingers missing (grenade blast apparently!) and loads of great people locally doing everyday things. It was a good job in a lot of ways.

But there was a group of people who were on benefits, living in council houses, racking up the money from the state, they weren't interested in working (and never had been, they were "lifers" on the dole) and yet for some reason I, who was working six days a week, ended up driving them about from pub to pub, & down to Tescos for their shopping (on one occasion, I had to pick up one of these people from the supermarket with their "shopping" which no joke consisted of coffee and vodka.)

The local council had taxi cards for people who needed them, and at least some of the people who needed them got them - it was a good idea, but those people on a particular street which I shall not name knew every dodge there was, & lived rent-free in council housing, the bloke had a "bad back" and so couldn't work, so he got sickness benefit etc, and of course there was a tribe of young bairns running about so they could rack up the child benefit - a taxi card was just one more stroke these people pulled - unbelievable really. The boy I'm thinking of told me how much money he was raking in one night when he was drunk (I was taking him home from the pub) and he was making more than me - I was working six days a week at the time as well & he was leaving me way behind.

I always felt sorry for the kids - and sure enough years later I found out what had happened to one of them ... but that's another story for another day ..

Nick said...

I got a call one afternoon & it was the mum of that family I mentioned; she gave me a sob story about her daughter being battered & abused, would I go to pick her up from her home approx 9 miles away if necessary, would I be willing to do that, and could I take her to a local shelter (which I would need to find out about.) Of course I said, that could be done any time, just phone the firm and ask for me, and they'll send me. Sorted.

Couple of weeks later the daughter had been moved by the council, and funnily enough, what a coincidence, to a house that had just became vacant across the road from the mother! Oh how handy that non-existent abuse was, eh? Got a move from the council to a different town right across the road from the rest of the tribe ... these are the kinds of strokes that were pulled on a regular basis. Of course five minutes later the boyfriend turns up again and it's all lovey-dovey as if nothing had ever happened ...

It was mind-blowing really, doing that job, the things I found out that people did ... who knew!

Nick said...

Funnily enough, talking of VA pensions etc, one of the daughters of that tribe was once aboard my taxi and announced that she was joining the British Armed Forces, which without overstepping the mark, I encouraged her to do. She wanted to get out of the cycle of her whole family living as they did, and her following in their footsteps, I've always wondered if she ever did manage to break free of their clutches, and go and do something useful and good with her life.

The parents seemed to me to want to keep the children more as property so they could claim benefits etc, and they didn't want the kids to go and do anything useful because that would invalidate how they were living, and of course the kids saw nothing else but alcoholism, different blokes coming and going, excessive benefit claiming, bleating about their "rights" whenever anyone challenged them, etc etc. So it was difficult for the kids to break out of that - I always hoped that one young girl did & went on to join the forces.

Andrea said...

Findalis - can we spare the child??? Maybe "it" would have a chance. Maybe not. Stupid I think is in the genes.

Nick - Were I a taxi driver in America today I would see the same things. It is really, really pathetic here.

Anonymous said...

This photoshopped and this lady probably isn't a Obama supporter The photographer asked her to pose with the cigarette as a JOKE at a Renaissance fair. I am amazed the ugly comments I have seen towards this photo online that some mean spirited person took from Greyloch and photoshopped.
An apology needs to be given to him and this lady. You may say they are people like that in the real world, great, why not post a photo of them? Why post a photoshopped image of harmless mother having a joke at a Renaissance fair? You are making this young person believe there is no good left in this country. :(