Boehner MUST GO! Day 2 of 16

House of Representatives Twitter & Phone contact list

WE have 15 days.  The lame duck session will be spent trying to keep the sky from falling before the representatives go merrily on their holiday ways.  Lets give them something more to think about.  Yesterday Boehner formally asked to be Speaker again.  The phone/twitter list above is as complete as I could get it.  Let's tell them come January we expect THEM - to tell HIM - NO!

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1389 said...

Keep the sky from falling?

Last I checked, it already has.

I would suggest that, when massive vote fraud goes unchallenged, we no longer have a republic.

Restoring it will involve a lot of work at the local and state level, and, at a minimum, it will require paper ballots, purple fingers, and picture IDs across the board.