Boehner MUST GO - 9 Days Left

Yes, today is a work day for the HR.
  Time to melt the phone/twitter lines!
Yesterday Mitch McConnell had a conversation with TimBoy Geithner - seems Obama has forgotten anything talked about since the election with reference to reducing spending but boy does he salivate at raising taxes!  Big surprise? NOT!  This Weekly Standard article is so revealing - McConnel 'Burst Into Laughter' as Geithner Outlined Obama's Plan.
A comment from (MUST GO) Boehner - "No substantive progress has been made."  Do tell!  BOEHNER! YOU HOLD THE DAMN PURSE STRINGS!  SHUT IT DOWN!
This video - a House representative in full melt down with reference to the Speaker saying - Total power in one person's hands, NOT the American way!  Unfortunately the representative, Mike Bost, is in the Illinois State House but just ignore that little fact and hear it with Boehner or Obama in mind and then tell the Federal House to grow some!  Boehner - MUST - go!  


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