Albert Sidney Johnston 1803-1862

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From VoxSanitas: 
"Hey Brother Patriot-
Really appreciate seeing tributes and images of our Confederate generals on the page- especially on Veteran's Day (the bank holiday at least). It's especially heartening to see them appreciated outside the Confederacy. You might consider featuring sometime my state's native, too early fallen and arguably most brilliant of them all- Albert Sidney Johnston. President Davis said of his demise, that it was the turning point of the War.  

Long live the spirit of the Confederate South!"

Indeed VoxSanitas, Indeed. Long live the Confederate South!

Many here know I love the South, the Confederacy and my love is not because of the issue of slavery. I think slavery was wrong and always will.

Why do I love the Confederacy and the South?

I am a student of American Military history and have always been fascinated and studied the American Civil war. My degree is in American Military History and then some.

The South and the Confederacy totally represent the true spirit of what the United States once stood for. Freedom, individuality, a rugged character that was in so many ways dignified and proper.

The South was the underdog from the very start of the Civil war in assets, manpower, supplies, you name it. The South fought with tenacity and I think the Confederacy had the better leadership and tacticians. What Johnston did before Shiloh in the Western Theater of the war was truly amazing. The fact that he did so with so few men and supplies was astounding. History maligned Johnston for many, many years but over time with more facts becoming known, it was quite clear that Johnston was a superb tactician and master of the country he was asked to defend against overwhelming odds.

From Wikipedia: Johnston could only keep up his defense by raids and other measures to make it appear he had larger forces than he did, a strategy that worked for several months.[22] Johnston's tactics had so annoyed and confused Union Brig. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman that he became somewhat unnerved, overestimated Johnston's forces, and had to be relieved by Brig. Gen. Don Carlos Buell on November 9, 1861.[23][24][25]

We may be annihilated, but we cannot be conquered.”
General Albert Sidney Johnston, CSA, in accepting his command rank, August, 1861.

Before Shiloh, and this is not historically accurate but a cool image
Albert Sidney Johnston was killed during the Battle Of Shiloh, April 1862. His loss was a huge blow to the Confederacy. Jefferson Davis stated "Without doing injustice to the living, it may safely be said that our loss is irreparable"

The loss of Johnston and the very narrow loss by the Confederacy at Shiloh shattered any illusions that the war would be brief with little loss on either side. Had Johnston not been killed during the first day of Shiloh, it is my opinion that the Union forces would have been defeated the next day. A true leader and master tactician like Johnston was irreplaceable for the South.

Wikipedia has a nice summation on Albert Sidney Johnston.

For the Confederacy and the South! PatriotUSA

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VoxSanitas said...

GOD BLESS YOU, SIR, from the depths of my SOUTHERN
Patriot heart!!!