AJ meets Cosmo the clinic (on his way to becoming the FORMER clinic cat) kitty

At the suggestion of some friends ( yes, I still have a few, I think ), I have decided to make this part of the feed for today.

Many here know AJ already as he has been the 'editor' for Patriot's Corner for a couple of years now.

I am such a good boy, sort of!

AJ is a  Black and Tan Coon Hound mix. Has some Rottweiler and maybe a bit of something else but he is very, very much the hound. He is a lazy slaggard and does little to help with PC. He demands a lot of walks, cookies and is the official pre-rinse for all our dishes, pots and pans. They ALL get run through the dishwasher so I do not want to hear any snarky comments. AJ is my best freind and companion, period. Andrea can attest to this. This post is partially your fault. We just returned from a two hour walk through the canyon. 2:00 A M and no questions please.

Working here and really hard

I DO NOT have pictures of the following event because I have an old flip phone and cannot upload images or video to the computer. Even if I had been fortunate enough to have a 'smart phone' this happened so fast I would have not been able to record it all, I am guessing.

AJ WILL NOT let me trim his nails and this is where we start. The name of the very kind, loving and patient Veterinarian has bee left out just because it is the right thing for me to do.

Let's just call this Cosmo the cat and COSMOCON

Last week I took AJ to get his nails trimmed as he will not let me do it. I was using my Dremel but last year he waited until I was done, had unplugged the dremel and AJ bit the power cord in half, pretty much telling me that I done touching his nails in any way or with anything. He waited until I had unplugged it, smart or what? So the vet does it and it has been a good thing., He gets fussed over,  gets lots of cookies, and has tolerated this all right.

Too good to last.

The vet has a 'clinic cat' and it is a very nasty and stuck up cat. Goes by Cosmo, was a hit and run victim. vet saved it etc... touching story except I have never liked cats.
So Cosmo has a basket on the top of the check in counter and his tail HANGS DOWN. He teases dogs horribly this way. AJ has never messed with Cosmo but it was pretty easy to see he did not like the tail or the arrogance of Cosmo but he ignored him, till last week. The receptionist was fussing over the damn cat and his tail was just hanging there. I went to get a cup of water from the cooler, tied AJ up to the table with dog and cat stuff on it, bags and jars of treats etc. This is a big table, multiple shelves and well stocked, about four plus feet high. See where this is going? I turned around and was horrified (sort of, heh) to see that AJ had dragged the table across the waiting room and had Cosmo by the tail and had dragged his sorry ass off the counter. AJ tossed him against the wall, not very hard and Cosmo bailed outta there really fast. The shelf fell against a row of chairs and everything spilled, broke shattered etc. AJ had a big piece of Cosmo kiity tail fur in his mouth and was REALLY pleased with himself. He spit the fur out and then gobbled three broken bags of doggie treats. Oh yeah, he SNAPPED his leash doing this. AJ weighs about 60-65 Lbs. and his leash WAS a thick nylon rope type that was good for dogs up to 150 Lbs. The vet and staff were trying to get really upset but they all started laughing and were not mad at all. They said Cosmo had it coming for years. I acted like I was REALLY mad at AJ but well, I wasn't. He has NEVER liked cats and has killed a couple of feral cats that got into our yard. Kittens are just fine with him but older cats, does not like them.

Wait, we still are not done as AJ nails still needed to be trimmed. So off we go into the exam room, the Vet and I have him all calmed down and she is trimming his nails when all of sudden from behind the rear door, out jumps Cosmo onto AJ. Not just jumping out but spitting, hissing yowling like only a pissed cat can do, claws extended, the Vet and I froze.

Cosmo landed on AJ's back and AJ rolled right on top of Cosmo, grabbed him by the throat and ran off into the bathroom. I figured there was gonna be a dead Cosmo real quick but AJ who is actually very gentle shoved Cosmo into the toilet and held him under for a few seconds, pulled him out and did this four times until Cosmo was totally whipped. The vet stopped me from stopping AJ as she sensed that he was not going to really hurt Cosmo. AJ then grabbed Cosmo by his tail and dragged him over to the vet who put Cosmo in no no bad kitty jail for a very long time. Turns out that Cosmo had bit the Vet a couple of weeks earlier and she she needed a few stitches.

Cat did that to me, it would be dead.

So she still had to finish AJ's nails. She trimmed them back and then got one of the Dremels out and I told her not a good idea. She figured AJ was worn out from Cosmocon. Nope as soon as the dremel was in AJ's line of sight he grabbed it out of the Vetereanarian'ss hand and ripped the power cord in three pieces before she could plug it in. He laid down on the floor and put his paw in her lap. She hand filed every nail down which took about 40 minutes. Luckily it was the day's last appointment.

I stopped by today to pay the $18.00 bill and Cosmo was still in no no bad kitty jail and his basket was gone from the counter. They are looking for a new home for him (good luck with that one). When the shelf fell over it wrecked about $350.00 worth of stuff but they refused to even talk about it. AJ was very popular at the clinic but is even more so now. When I left they gave me three bags of really spendy cookies for him at no cost for solving a problem, a Cosmo problem. Cosmo will never be back at the clinic.

All the containers are now industrial grade Polycarbonate which is virtually shatterproof.  The shelf has been bolted to the wall and floor.

Now, how great would this have been with a video or some action images, damn.........WOOF!

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3 Comments - Share Yours!:

Andrea said...

Great story to start a Monday off with. AJ! You be da DAWG!

Nick said...

Great dog story, oh for a wee video there!

Kind of reminds me of the time my Dad and I tried to give "Major" our golden retriever a bath ... got him all shampooed up, turned our backs for a second and he was GONE!!!

Try chasing a wet, shampooed, golden retriever all over the house, LOL ... he shook himself here, he shook himself there ... eventually reversed in behind the settee underneath the windowsill and refused to come out ... when we tried to approach all we got were snarls and bared teeth, there was NO WAY he was going near the bath EVER AGAIN!!!!

Findalis said...

Thanks for the laugh. I laughed so hard I needed a change of pants. (It was worth it.)

You might think of Cosmo as a Christmas present for AJ. A wonderful toy for him to play with. Until they get so used to each and learn to live together if not love each other.