US Forced Out of Benghazi: "Maybe they are afraid"

The end result of a foreign policy to the Muslim world, now littered with the tragic and unnecessary deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other American heroes.

A foreign policy built on apology, appeasement, being an embarrassment to the United States and its citizens, massive amounts of funding to Muslim countries that truly hate us and American exceptionalism. This is the result of Barack Obama, his administration who share the same hatred of America as much as the POTUS does. PatriotUSA

From Foreign Confidential.


US forced out of Bengahzi
By Confidential Reporter

I don’t know why the Americans don’t come here,” said Wissam Bin Hamid, commander of the Libyan Shield Brigade, a militia that came under sustained attack while helping defend the second compound on Sept. 11. “Maybe they are afraid."

The pullout was described as a temporary precaution following what the administration is now calling a terrorist attack on two U.S. government compounds. Non­essential U.S. personnel also have been evacuated from the embassy in Tripoli, though it remains open.

The FBI has been unable to set up operations in Benghazi as part of the investigation into the deaths of Stevens, information manager Sean Smith and government contractors Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. The absence complicates efforts to gather evidence and interview witnesses." 

Show of Weakness by Washington 

In a move that will certainly be seen as signaling defeat and weakness, the United States, which needlessly intervened in Libya's Islamist revolution--on the Islamist side--has withdrawn all diplomatic personnel from the city in which the U.S. ambassador was slaughtered by Al Qaeda. Click here for the story.

In related news, the State Department is standing by its UN envoy, even though she lied to the American public about the attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens.

There is worse related news.  Click here to read about the Islamist bombings at the Benghazi consulate--and Facebook threats on the Ambassador's life--leading up to the deadly incident.

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