The Romney/Ryan Team Have Put The Railroad Retirement Issue To Rest.

This is an update to a post that was published back in August on the story that The Romney Ryan ticket was going to go after the Railroad Retirement pension funds. This has now been put to bed once and for all by the Romney Ryan team.

Obama and the Democrats are the real threat not Romney!

Below is an update that BC from I'm 41 posted up earlier today. The Railroad folks need to fight their union bosses and think for themselves and dump the Democratic party. What many will read below is not new to most of us but for some this will be an eye opener. PatriotUSA

Here is the original post from the 'Corner this past August:

Railroad retirement is a major issue against Romney-Ryan

 Update from I'm 41.


Breaking: The Romney/Ryan Team Have Put The Railroad Retirement Issue To Rest.

I am glad that Romney has finally put the issue to rest -  Romney/Ryan, Romney, or Ryan by himself is ever going to touch your Railroad Retirement… But Obama might!
Desperate Democrat-aligned Unions are misrepresenting Mitt Romney’s platform to their membership, while being silently muted in their self-censorship of any criticism of Barack Obama.

This goes beyond misguided efforts of what they think is in their members benefit, to bordering (or embracing) political corruption by giving a completely partisan point of view (which in this case actually goes against their members best interest).
Indeed, most democrat-aligned unions, especially those that strongly advocate for democrats, unbeknownst to many of their own members, are part of and participate in what is known as the “Shadow Democrat Party” or “Shadow Party”.

(George Soros, a billionaire with far left agendas, created the so called Shadow Party in 2003. It is a nationwide network or coalition of labor unions, and politically left non-profit activist groups and think tanks that will collaborate with, donate to, and utilize each other’s services in order to successfully campaign for the Democrats. Specific organizations were created or assembled for the network, and funding and other services are provided to organizations within the network to provide a smooth operation and sometimes coordinated effort to meet the agenda of Soros and other large donors, get democrats elected and influence the democrat party. References include DiscovertheNetworks.org – Guide to Soros Network, FrontPageMag.com – The Shadow Party.)

The union leadership’s reward for being a part of the alliance? It provides them with power and special protections from criminal investigations through the democrat party, and help through the network. This has been going on for years.

The most obvious example was when the Teamsters Union President in 1996 illegally used nearly $1 million of union funds to pay for his own reelection through a laundering scheme using the Shadow Party network and resources, including the key Shadow party member ACORN.
I knew that this would come to a head sooner or later because it is such a huge issue. Ever since I wrote the piece below – way back in August –
concernedworried folks searching the internet for answers  have hit it like crazy.

Click link below for the background of this issue, and the Romney/Ryan team forever putting it to bed.

Breaking: Obama Attacking Romney On Railroad Retirement, The Biggest Stealth Issue Of The 2012 Election

Here is the article right form the About Mitt Romney site on Railroad Retirement:

Railroad Retirement Safe Under Romney— Not Under Obama

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