This is for A.J.

Woof! Woof!

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PatriotUSA said...

Awesome and made me smile, which is so needed right now.

AJ gives this four paws and a tail plus he was barking at the video. Just to be sure I watched three more times and he barked all the way through.

AJ had quite the day today. Trip to America's Tire where the guys like to sit him in the managers chair and spin him around, he loves it, gets cookies. Then we went to the auto parts store for a new battery, stopped at the pond to chase the geese and eat the bread tossed in the air by the little kids, jumped into a mud puddle chasing a cat, trip to the feed store( more cookies and special water ), then a very long walk out in the Junipers where he got to chase bunnies and then I ruined it and gave him a bath.

Thanks, great post and so appreciated!