The Cover-up Continues

"If we did know, why did we fail to provide the security? Not only if we did know which emails seem to indicate we did, and the ambassador was afraid, and when CNN finds his journal they start criticizing CNN, then what would the motivation be NOT to protect our ambassador? WHY?"

In a world without consequences, why does not matter.  Sad fact.  You and I are desperate to have answers.  We run our lives as if our choices and actions have consequences - but way up there on the tippy-top of that frickin hill - there are no consequences.  So a well intentioned committee may get to the bottom of this but the track record of those in power at this time in our history means not a damn thing will be done about it.  Maybe a fall guy/Rice.  Throw the poor dogs (sorry A.J.) a bone.  Peanuts.

In one month - IF there is an election - America will show - are we metal or are we meal.  We have to keep doing what we're doing patriots - and then PRAY for backup!

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