Benghazigate:The Bret Baier Special (Video)

I just watched this and the evidence should make every single voter flee from Obama as fast as they can. In my opinion the Obama administration has been exposed and this pack of liars will be further exposed as the election draws near.

We do not have cable or satellite here at Schloss Homer so I had to wait for this to be posted up from the always fine Sundancecracker From The Last Refuge.

Do not be duped by Obama's 'big deal' when his pack of liars announces a deal with the mullahs to stop their uranium enrichment program right before the election. Only those who believe in dope, change, rainbows and unicorns will cheer this last ditch effort to save a foundering campaign. PatriotUSA


The Bret Baier Special (Video)

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Christopher Smith said...

So many falsehoods here, but I'll just mention two:

1) Baier criticizes the administration for claiming this was a reaction to the video, something Fox earlier today said may be true after all.

2) Libya is not even close to being the foreign policy failure Baier implies.

PatriotUSA said...

This was NOT a reaction to the video and you have sipped to much Kool Aid if you believe that.

Libya is A failure and we should have not gotten involved, period.

Libya is one more fallen domino in the march of radical Islam across the middle east.

Libya is part and parcel of Obama's failure of foreign policy,
appeasing and apologizing to the Muslim world.

Are you friend's with John Esposito?

HermitLion said...

Let's see, Libya was an oil war, started by France and Britain, which Obama joined without approval from Congress, in an effort to secure assets before Khadaffi would've crushed the rebels.

These rebels turned out to be islamists, including Al-Qaeda, which America assisted in taking power and hold in Libya.

The result is an even more hostile country, and a calculated Al-Qaeda attack on the US consulate, which killed the ambassador - the same person that was helping Al-Qaeda and the other islamists take power.

Despite numerous indications of what's to come, the administration refuses to provide adequate protection for the ambassador, out of the ideological belief that the locals would provide protection, risking their lives for a foreigner, instead of siding with their own kind.

In addition, Libya isn't an isolated case, but part of a regional takeover by the muslim brothehood - an enemy of America, dedicated to islamic takeover of the west.

You're right. Libya isn't close to the foreign policy failure Baier implies. It's actually way worse.

Please, go ahead and begin your lies, but this isn't the Huffington Post - you're not talking to a bunch of clueless college kids that believe in social justice and the tooth fairy.

PatriotUSA said...

Well said HL and so far, Mr. Smith has not come back to Washingtom.