One lie leads to another and another: Obama on Benghazigate

It is so hard for me to keep remembering how often this American hating, islamosympathizing POTUS has lied to us, the AMERICAN people. It was bad, really bad before 9/11/2012 and Benghazi went down and four Americans were murdered because of the incompetence of Obama.

Great video to watch and listen to him laugh and smirk when asked questions that every American who gives a damn about our country wants answers to, and Obama keeps on lying. PatriotUSA

Stolen from The Last Refuge.


“Amazing Farce” – The ‘Not Optimal’ President Questioned About Benghazi 
Knowing what you know now about:
Now watch Obama answer questions:

 Is he lying?   You decide.

Source is here from The Last Refuge.

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