'Benghazi Mobama' caught in huge Rose Garden lie in debate tonight

I am not going to analyze tonight's debate except for this:

Romney did a commendable job and did not back down from Obama one bit. He was too nice at times but has way more class than 'Benghazi Mobama', Romney was polite and very respectful. Obama was better prepared than the first debate but did not do enough to change the election. Obama was a total classless act and did not represent the office of the POTUS.
Obama was rude, very mad (notice how he was strangling the microphone and was channeling Biden), had nothing new to offer and could only serve up a plea, a whine for four more years to ruin America.

Let us not forget the uber liberal moderator, Candy Crowley, the CNN hand picked audience and Hockstra (Jockstrap) University, a notable far left dung heap of a college.

Obama was caught in a huge lie about what he stated in the Rose Garden.

My take is that Romney did enough to win but the LSM media will spin this as win for 'Benghazi Mobama.'

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FREAKING BUSTED – Obama and Crowley lied about Rose Garden speech after Benghazi attack 
[full transcript and video]

He said, “acts of terror will not…”. He did not say, “this act of terror” or “this terrorist attack.” Huge difference between “acts” and “act”. The fact that he used “acts” make it obvious that he was speaking in general terms and even about past terrorist attacks

CDN – Transcript Here

Source is here.

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Alceste said...

I think he just painted himself into a corner with that comment! Because now that he's saying he called it terrorism the day after, it leaves NO excuse on why they were saying it was all about a protest and that there was no info it was terrorism. Before they could blame it on "evolving information." Now it looks like they were just plain lying for two weeks!

PatriotUSA said...

Yes, they were and as Gary's post eludes to, more people will be talking about Benghazi and there is NO WAY Obama can undo this.

You post at CS on this is outstanding
and I appreciate your comments and stopping by PC.

Alceste said...

Thanks! I really appreciate that!

I'm just getting into the blogging world and am discovering great sites like yours to get info and news I'd never hear otherwise. It's pretty cool to see. Thanks for what you do!