Meet One Fine Islamophobe

"Those who are called the “Islamophobes” are generally anything but. However, they are strong enough not to allow cheap name calling to stop them from honoring their moral convictions.  The “Islamophobes” are our best and our brightest.  These are the people who can see around corners, connect the dots, spot a pattern, and are true to their moral intuition – even when it is inconvenient.
The so-called “Islamophobes” have the courage to speak out.  It has been said that “liberty is paid for in installments, one generation at a time.”  Eric Allen Bell from previous Patriot's Corner post via HermitLion
Meet @flippintheraya.  Flippin took a while, being new to social media, to find footing.  Web sites and posts were not "it" - it turned out graphics and the 140 characters of a tweet were.

Nearly three years later and over 19,000 tweets the majority of them either exposing islam or educating people like me, Flippin has been blocked by CAIR and Loonwatchers and so many more.  Take a look at the work below and you won't wonder why.



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PatriotUSA said...

One of the very best, by far.

We have our gifts and skills and twitter is not one of mine. I do all right but not like Flippin.

BTW, F--K Islam and sharia law.