It takes a village of the 47% who suck off the rest of us

Listen to audio that is played on this video from Arizona.

As many like to say, you just cannot make this stuff up.

The caller is infuriated that the Talk show host John Justice and his guest Senator Frank Antenori from Distric10 in Arizona, call her bluff and make her an EXAMPLE of the 47% that Mitt Romney so correctly nailed.

'Nicole' has SIX kids and demands that it is her right that we 'help' support her six kids.

Listen and watch all the through and this is is Obama's base, people.

Thanks to The Last Refuge.


The Arizona 47% 
By Sundancecracker 

(Hat Tip BFH@iOTW)  Local Arizona radio station caller who exemplifies the PrObama mentality.    Begins talking about the clintonesque ”it takes a village” concept to parenting, because she is the “cool mom” on the block who talks to other parents’ kids (9 years old) about sex n stuff….

…. then the conversation turns to her own family lifestyle and her six children. Once the conversation turns to individual responsibility it rockets downhill from there.

This really is a fair representation of the 47% Mitt Romney was describing in his speech. No concept of personal consequence…. instead, it is all about avoidance as such.

Source is here.

Now watch this priceless video as these brainwashed morons gang up on all those uber rich doctors and ANYONE who makes over $250.000 a year. So what about a small business that employs three or four people and makes over a $250,000?

This covers A LOT of small business owners I know and not one of them is voting for Obama, not one.

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Andrea said...

Damn I wish those two men had just shut up there at the end. She was totally exposing the liberal mindset but they were so excited at their "catch" you couldn't hear her. Still there was enough. In her favor, I would say she is not an abortion advocate and she likes being a Mom. But it is the next part - EXPECTING us to financially back her choices really takes gall. And the "village" she speaks of? I suspect it is a village of one.

Findalis said...

These idiots should be given the worst doctors in the country. It would be poetic justice.