I am an American Infidel!

Eric Allen Bell has learned the hard way about Islam, political Islam.

Mr. Bell has gone to great lengths to protect himself from the followers of the cult of death after he was wrongly accused of making that worthless film that insulted Mohammad and many Muslims around the globe. But as I have mentioned many times before, what DOES NOT insult Muslims? This is the same film that Obama and Clinton used as a scapegoat reason at first for the excuse of the attack in Benghazi.

The title of Mr. Bells' article from FrontPage Magazine states it all for me. As a student if Islam since 1979, the year of  the Carter-Iranian hostage crisis, I became a counterjihadist long before the word was even coined.

That said, I am NOT an expert on Islam or sharia law. I know a fair amount and I know this: Islam is NOT a peaceful political ideology , not by a long shot. Those who spout the nonsense like John Esposito that Islam is full of peace are liars, and they know it. They are guilty of waging taqiyya.

Taqiyya is the use of LIES and DECEIT by Muslims to fool kufars, infidels (me and you) into thinking that all is well with Islam.

I have read three differing translations of the Qur'an, Reliance Of The Traveller and many other well researched books on Islam and shariah law. Bill Warner's site, Political Islam is  highly recommended and I have followed him fro some time now.

What Mr. Bell has to say here must be read by EVERY American and SOONER than later.
Later is what is Islam wants and why we are in the dangerous position the USA now finds itself in.

Long post and this is a must read. May be the only post for today. Too much pain and leaving it at that.



American Infidel 

By Eric Allen Bell 

If you are an American Infidel, Political Islam wants to kill you, subjugate you or convert you to Islam. Theses commands are as plain as day in the Islamic scriptures. And carried out, as reflected in the 20,000-plus acts of Islamic terrorism, just since 9/11 alone. Fortunately a great many American Muslims do not follow the Quran and they don’t understand it. But then there are those who do. As the late Christopher Hitchens once remarked, “If god truly did write the Quran, then clearly he must have been having a bad day.”

My grandfather, a member of the Flying Tigers, was shot down by enemy fire three times during WWII. As a young man, he was shipped off to places he could barely pronounce, and he did so willingly because he knew his country needed him. He did not stop to question whether or not he was becoming “too obsessed with negativity” or to consider how taking on this responsibility, to protect his country from tyranny, might inconvenience his lifestyle.

Tragically, such courage and clarity is uncommon among most Americans today. And to compound matters even worse, most Americans still do not realize we are at war with Political Islam, and they don’t want to hear about it either. For those of us who do know, it is our responsibility to help inform the rest of the country about what they cannot or will not see. We can’t give up.

The bitterly ironic and tragic truth is that the charmed lives many of us have inherited from the sacrifices of those brave souls who went before us have made us weak as a nation. Too many Americans have become cozy, cowardly consumers, deep in debt and mesmerized by the television set.

Meanwhile, some of the most lefty Left of Hollywood have gotten together to produce a mockumentary which will lampoon critics of Islam. The picture is called “The Muslims Are Coming” and you can watch the trailer here.

Anyway, I have not written this article in order to fixate on the problem, but rather to present some new ideas. My eyes opened to the reality of Political Islam only recently. It was in the early part of this calendar year of 2012, in fact. I know that I am writing to an audience which includes those who know more about this threat than I do and have been fighting Political Islam for much longer than I have. So it is with humility that I wish to provide another point of view.

As author Dr. Bill Warner points out at the beginning of nearly every one of his talks, how Muslims worship is their own business. And he is also quick to point out that less than 20 percent of Islamic scripture concerns itself with religious matters at all. In fact, Islam asserts itself to be a “complete way of life.” And Islamic teachings concern themselves more, not with how to worship Allah, but rather how to obey the barbaric Islamic legal system known as the Sharia and with the affairs of the state. In other words, Islam has religious overtones, but religion is not its primary focus.

Islam is peace. Not really. It means submission. But we keep getting told that Islam means peace. And the word “peace” in Islam has a very special meaning. “Peace” is what can only occur once the entire world has finally been forced to submit to Islam. Recently a “peace” loving follower of Islam tried to blow up the Federal Reserve building in New York. Fortunately, in spite of extremely aggressive lobbying by Islamic groups such as CAIR to try to get the government to “stop spying on Muslims,” the plot was foiled. Law enforcement in New York has stopped over a dozen attempted acts of major terrorism since 9/11. I think it was Robert Spencer who pointed out that “the problem with Islamophobia is that it gets in the way of jihad.”

By now, I probably haven’t told you anything new. Yet for the vast majority of American Infidels, the truth remains unknown or ignored. To find the courage required to go where the truth takes you is to risk having to question everything. When one pulls at a single lose thread, the entire garment could come undone. Every tightly held belief that makes up a person’s worldview gets called into question. So it is no wonder that for most people such inquiry about the true nature of Islam will be avoided at all costs.

For me personally, such a process of inquiry only occurred when I was sort of mugged by the truth. As a former liberal blogger and a filmmaker, who had been somewhat immersed in Hollywood culture for a while, perhaps anything short of being mugged by the truth would not have gotten through to me. I wrote about this in more detail in “The High Price of telling the Truth about Islam.” But there are other ways to convey to large amounts of people, all at once, the truth about Islam, how it threatens our liberty, and the duty that comes with being an American Infidel.

Liberty allows us to evolve into better versions of ourselves. Islam, on the other hand, appeals mainly to the darker side of the human psyche. Liberty is about life and Islam is about death. When I finally realized that, I felt more than just a responsibility. I felt something of a calling, to use every available resource at my disposal and to tell the truth about Islam to as many people as I can reach. Perhaps some of you reading can relate first hand to that feeling.

So let’s talk strategy…

America has engaged in two foreign wars with Islamic countries, numerous drone attacks and the killing of Osama bin Laden. Prominent counter-jihad organizations lobby on Capitol Hill and boast membership numbers in the hundreds of thousands. Reports are made public from Washington think tanks publicizing startling data on increased Islamization in America, while remaining dedicated to changing policy as it pertains to our security. A few brave elected representatives have called for investigations into the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood in American politics – risking their political futures, naming names, and putting it all on the line. Several very good books on the truth about Islam, and the threat it presents to human rights and liberty, have been written. Some have even made it to the New York Times best-seller list. There are several excellent blogs which expose the daily occurrence of jihad and Islamization in the world. Many of the top counter-jihad bloggers and authors give talks and appear on major network news programs. And yet, we are not winning this war.

The free world is still being infiltrated slowly, stealthily – death by a thousand cuts. Under the guise of being “offended” and taking on the “victim” narrative, Islam inserts itself into every opening, every crack in our armor – the UN, European Sharia courts, American schools. Like a thief in the night it slips in, slowly changing the character of America to suit its long-range objectives – to impose its designs on a civilization of distracted infidels. And it’s working.

There have been consequences – measurable and identifiable – to us Infidels for ignoring the growing threat of Political Islam in America. Most notably, co-conspirators in the largest FBI bust of an Islamic “charity” funneling millions of US dollars to Islamic terrorists are now the largest Islamic lobbying organization in America. How did that happen? They call themselves the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), and are often granted unprecedented access to FBI files. Clearly some of our so-called “leaders” have put the fox in charge of guarding the henhouse.

CAIR continues to dominate the narrative in the mainstream media. And to make matters so much worse, Islamo-bullies, at the forefront of forming a new global Islamic caliphate, can count on the continued apologies and appeasement from our cowardly commander-in-chief. The Taliban is inside the building. And America is sound asleep.

So what will it take to win this war?

We cannot even begin to change policy until we have a solid foundation. And that foundation is broad public awareness and support. We need the support of the American public – and we do not yet have it. To continue to build without a solid foundation of public awareness and support is to build in the mud. What we build in the mud will collapse. We must be realistic that a solid foundation is still being built, but is far from complete. In fact, it seems at all too often, CAIR (Hamas in America) is there to remove a new brick as soon as we lay a brick down. This pattern must come to an end. We need to fight back and we need to fight back harder.

So what is the solution? You are looking at it right now if you are reading these words off a screen. From the beginnings of human civilization, people have looked at a flickering light and listened to stories. This is a part of who we are. It’s as if this is part of our DNA.

That the flickering light has evolved from a fireplace to televisions, movie screens, computers, phones, iPads and laptops is a minor detail. One of the primary ways that human beings seek to make sense of the world we are in is by looking into the flickering light while we are told stories. Today, the power of the image on screen is an incredibly powerful force. It is often more effective than armies, laws and lectures at universities.

For better or for worse, media shape our collective reality. They model our behavior. Media have the power to embed thoughts into our unconscious mind – positing ideas that are hard to remove. We are a media-driven society. The collective consciousness of the American psyche can be seen in the flickering pixels of TV screens, and on the silver screen, on every type of screen across the country. And although media are sometimes our Achilles’ heel, they also have the potential to be America’s great hidden power.

So how specifically can media combat the growing threat of Political Islam? It doesn’t really happen on C-SPAN. Well, maybe a little bit, for those rare individuals who have a C-SPAN attention span. Rather, media messages penetrate into the minds of the comfortable consumer, sitting passively with a tub of popcorn in his lap. And our counter-jihad movement does not really have this base covered as well as we could – not even close. Meanwhile, some of the most lefty Left have gotten together to produce an upcoming documentary which lampoons anyone who dares to criticize Islam. “The Muslims Are Coming” is in post-production now and will be out soon.

(And yes, the title “The Muslims Are Coming” is the same as the slogan for Loonwatch.com – the terrorist spin-control network.)

Every filmmaker in Hollywood knows that they are actually in the emotional transportation business. And to the extent that Hollywood has an agenda, those who make movies also are well aware that when a person is emotionally moved, they often change their views. It often seems to me that most Americans think with their emotions, and we need to start “speaking into their listening.”

Remember, America used media to great effect during World War II. Many people came to understand the threat, and what was being asked of them, through black and white news reels shown before movies. These days, sociopathic elements within Hollywood use media to drag our entire culture down to the lowest common denominator every single day. In fact some days I wonder if the entire country has become a never-ending episode of the Jerry Springer Show. But I’m not going to go down that road right now.

Hamas-CAIR uses media effectively. They have created a widely accepted but false narrative, which says that Islam is simply misunderstood. CAIR has successfully distorted reality so badly that Islam in America is now seen as the victim and not for what it is – the victimizer. Remember, Islam means “peace.” But then again, the media can define that term however it chooses.

So, moving out of problem mode and into solution mode here is how I see it. The fact that many readers will not make it to this part of the article, about 2,000 words in, demonstrates my point perfectly. We must add to our arsenal emotionally-driven media that are very, very captivating, entertaining, sometimes sensational, always truthful, and hard to turn off, walk away from or forget. In fact, they must change minds. Minds are often changed in relation to emotion. The media business is the business of emotional transportation. Stories and emotions change minds.

There are a few Muhamamd bio pics in the development that I know about. And there have already been a few good documentaries which expose Islam and its dirty little secrets. But what I would like to produce is a personal, story-driven documentary, which tells the tale of how one person can have their entire worldview turned upside down – in essence the high price of telling the truth about Islam – my story: how a filmmaker sets out to make a documentary which exposes “Islamophobia” and ends up learning the real truth about Islam.

By the way, few people realize this, but a lot of liberals pick up a copy of the latest book by Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck just for a guilty pleasure. Indulgence into a guilty pleasure on home video is nothing new and not going to go away. The likelihood of someone watching a documentary at home just to see the raging “Islamophobe” as a guilty pleasure runs very high. I’m not a raging “Islamophobe,” but they don’t know that yet.

For a book on Islam to hit the New York Times best-seller list, it only has to reach possibly a few hundred thousand people. But a documentary that has only reached a million or two people is not considered a blockbuster. Not even close. And yet, it reaches millions of people.

The documentaries one sees on the top 10 lists of Netflix, Amazon and iTunes are a whole new kind of storytelling. They are “infotainment” – personal stories which advance a specific point of view or ask a specific question. This is why Michael Moore’s movies do so well, why “Exit Through the Gift Shop” was popular even among people who could care less about the art world, why “The Secret” was a home video blockbuster, even though most of what’s in it is complete bullshit. Imagine the power of a story that is actually true and worth telling.

The public has an insatiable appetite for using the image on screen to make them feel angry, inspired, shocked, sad, surprised and so on. There is a science to screenwriting in this fashion to yield these results. And making a documentary is fairly inexpensive. As of the time this article was written, “Obama 2016” is the number one documentary on iTunes. Dinesh D’Souza is reaching millions of people, and he is not just preaching to the choir.

The people whom I’ve exposed in some of my articles might have helped several Pakistani newspapers, accidentally on purpose, name me as the filmmaker behind “The Innocence of Muslims,” the YouTube video that’s become such a riot – literally. Someone is trying to shut me up.

I have had to take the same security measures as if I had made that movie, and that is how it occurred to me that I might as well go ahead and make one – only much better and much more effective. And when that movie gets released, if followers of Islam feel the need to riot, they will. But they cannot riot all day, every day. And after their childish tantrum is over, for offending their delicate sensibilities, my movie will still be available. People will still be learning about Islam in America, the truth about CAIR, the truth about a few terror-tied mosques, the truth about the Muslim Brotherhood in America and so much more. They might even learn something about themselves.

Truth is the enemy of Islamic supremacy. And nothing angry Islamists will do can stop the movie “American Infidel” from being seen. I already have 300+ hours of footage from the documentary I started making two years ago titled “Not Welcome.” That I halted production and did an ideological about-face when it comes to so-called “Islamophobia” is a story unto itself. And that is the story I wish to tell.

When the self-proclaimed “prophet” of Islam wrote the Quran (if he even existed at all) one thing he did not count on was the information age. Why are the Taliban fighting so hard to stop girls from going to school? The enemy of Islam is truth.

So I am building a movement. So far this movement has 330 million members, only most of them don’t realize it yet. They don’t know they’re members. They don’t understand what it means to be an American Infidel. I intend to change that. I hope you will join me. Check out the website for the movie AmericanInfidelTheMovie.com and let us continue to expand our effort in changing minds on a large scale, while we still can. So much is at stake and we need to fight the battle against Islamization on every front possible. We must fight against the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, Hamas, ISNA, ICNA, the MSA and every other Islamic jihadist front group that tries to sink its hooks into the fabric of America. Truth is the enemy of Islamic supremacy. Use it.

Source is here from FrontPage magazine.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Eric! I am very much looking forward to the movie and wish you much luck and success in your efforts. I hope you have obtained a weapon and a concealed carry permit and are ready to defend yourself. The thought of you ending up like Theo Van Gogh terrifies me. I take so much inspiration from you, Eric, but I feel so helpless myself in not being able to find a way to help this cause against Islamic jihad. I can't seem to share information with my liberal friends, since they all classify me as some kind of nutcase right-winger (leftists safe and happy in their matrix-like propaganda bubbles). However I continue to promote you and stay informed and pass on information whenever I can.