Hillary Clinton's Talking Points on Benghazi and the Reality

Gary Fouse

* Against my initial judgment, I am posting the graphic images of what happened to Ambassador Chris Stevens on September 11 in Benghazi. These are the so-called friendly Libyans who carried Stevens to the hospital as described by Hillary Clinton (taking cell phone pictures as they went). They have been out there for some time now. The public needs to see these images and demand answers.

Here are some of the recent quotes coming out of HIllary Clinton's mouth in the face of more reports about the lack of security in Benghazi even though there were numerous incidents there in the weeks leading up to September 11 when Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other Americans were slaughtered. Now the question must be answered: Is it true that the State Department denied requests for more security in Benghazi?


"Let me assure you that our security in Benghazi included a unit of host government security forces, as well as a local guard force of the kind that we rely on in many places around the world," she said.
"In addition to the security outside the compound, we relied on a wall and a robust security presence inside the compound. And with all of our missions overseas, in advance of September 11th, as is done every year, we did an evaluation on threat streams. And the Office of the Director of National Intelligence has said we had no actionable intelligence that an attack on our post in Benghazi was planned or imminent."
-Hillary Clinton on September 18

The "robust" Libyan security she is referring to did little to nothing more than take pictures and flee.
If DOS did a threat evaluation prior to September 11 (as is done every year according to Ms Clinton), where is that document? In DOS files, that's where. Produce it.
And of course, Mr Incompetent himself, James Clapper, director of National Intelligence  said there was no actionable intelligence as to Benghazi, which is contradicted by the recent incidents before September 11. Benghazi was known to be a hotbed of radical/al Qaeda activity. In addition, the discovery of Steven's own diary reveals he was in fear for his life as an al Qaeda target. Is it not reasonable to assume he relayed those fears to DOS in a cable/report/e-mail? Having served in two US diplomatic missions, I can assure you, if an ambassador anywhere in the world thinks he is a target for assassination, that gets transmitted to DOS ASAP. Where are those documents?
If this information is all true, this case screams for a Congressional investigation, as well as the resignations of Clinton, Clapper and  our UN ambassador, Susan Rice. Not only are they grossly incompetent, but they are covering up their incompetence with outrageous lies to the American p

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PatriotUSA said...

The entire administration is incompetent and has truly weakened our country like no other administration. Obama should have been impeached long ago and his traitorous administration dealt with accordingly.

That anyone can think of giving this liar another term is beyond my comprehension.