Father of Slain Navy Seal Speaks Out

Gary Fouse

Tyrone Woods

Lars Larson is a conservative radio talk show host in Portland, Oregon. Today, I watched him being interviewed on Megyn Kelly's Fox News show regarding his radio conversation with the father of one of the victims of the Benghazi attack. Here is the audio of Larson's conservation with Charles Woods, father of Tyrone Woods. In this discussion, Mr Woods describes his experience of speaking with President Obama and Hillary Clinton when his son's coffin came home to Andrews Air Force Base. It is highly disturbing.


What is especially outrageous is Clinton's purported comment to Mr Woods that "they were going to arrest and prosecute the person who did that video." At that time, they knew that it was an organized terrorist attack. It was part of the Big Lie.

And why is it that someone from the government telephoned Mr Woods at 6 in the morning to tell him the news? In 1977, when I was stationed in Bangkok with DEA, I was present when a fellow agent was killed by an accidental discharge of his gun. Somebody in DEA Hqs in Washington did the same thing-a call to the parents' home in the early hours of the morning. The agent who made that call, while he wasn't fired, saw his career die that day. He was a decent man and regretted his error in judgment the rest of his life.

Now we need to find out why our military was not sent in to Benghazi to attempt a rescue. Surely, the military was chomping at the bit to go in. Why were they not sent.

Last night, I watched this poseur (Obama) schmoozing with Jay Leno in front of a cheering crowd. It made me want to puke. Where is the outrage on the part of this nation to what these so-called leaders are doing-or neglecting to do?

If this country returns him to the White House after all his failures, lies, scandals, and now sheer negligence, it will say something very serious about what we have become as a society.

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