Ever feel like you have been 'tracked' by these.....so how about some music!

Only late Tuesday and feeling really bad, damn sight awful. Just too much pain from too many directions.

I REALLY feel like I have been run over, 'tracked' by these fine locomotives. A fine way to get run over if one has to get 'tracked.' Know what I mean?

First this one:

SP 4449

Then for good measure this one came along and dragged me under, damn. Even Uncle Ezra is not helping tonight! I am simply FUBAR and have a bad case of permagrump. Need a hippie or Obamabot to abuse.

SP 6501 E9
When all is going to hell 'pain wise', Music is what heals from the inside out.

Here you go and more Julie Fowlis for your enjoyment and a few more.

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