Chris Farlowe

After listening to Eric Burdon, I started thinking of Chris Farlowe, another great English singer.

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PatriotUSA said...

Damn fine stuff, I like Chris Farlowe, never heard of him. Did he play with other groups or was he on his own hook?

Excellent version of a great, great song. Had to go get me a bit o' whiskey and listen another time.

Nick said...

So far as I know he sang mostly under his own name, although he's worked with other people now and again - and he sang with Colosseum, a band who put out some good albums.

Actually I came across that band by accident - I'd sent off for an album by Buddy Miles, who was the drummer with the Band of Gypsys, and instead of that they sent me a live album by Colosseum - so on it went to the CD player - a stroke of good fortune, that was.