Bill Whittle Afterburner: Old School

Hear about Bill Whittle's trip to Oberlin College in Ohio. Oberlin is among the most liberal colleges in America. While Bill Whittle is grateful for the hospitality of his hosts, he was shocked by the campus intolerance. especially the limitations on freedom of speech. Hear what Whittle saw, and why he thinks liberalism is a regressive rather than a progressive ideology.

Tags: Liberalism, Bill Whittle, Afterburner
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Findalis said...

How so true indeed. The left has no new ideas, only the failed ones that will never work.

Just think of what Mr. Whittle's time at Oberlin College would have been like if he had warn a Yarmulke?

I'm stealing this for Monkey in the Middle.

PatriotUSA said...

Your stealing always makes me happy, Findalis!

HermitLion said...

That big O superhero model was just too funny.
These kids have no idea about the world outside their bubble, and have no interest in changing that situation.