AJ: The editor hard at work

Here we have AJ who is hard at work doing what we call here, 'pre-rinse cycle.'

If he gets the chance he will crawl into the dishwasher as far as he can to get a plate or bowl, silverware that we forgot to give him first. I tried everything to keep him out of the dishwasher including a moustrap or two but he figured out how to trip those without getting snapped. We gave up and  just let him do his thing and all dishes get washed by hand or run through the dishwasher. He will pull stuff out if he cannot get to it to do the job properly and to his standrads.

You think he could wrote a post or two but no, no way and he has us so wired.

Best friend, completely forgiving and lovingly loyal to a fault. Always wanting to please us and tries his best to keep me safe.

Dogs, one of Lord's best blessings he gave to us humans.

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Andrea said...

Won't do posts? Now tell me who's the smart one in that household???
That pan - I'm thinking Charly's whole body would just about fit in it perfect. We're going to have to get these two boys together Patriot.

Findalis said...

How about a few rawhide chews for him? After all he does do dishes.