A new blog worth checking out-Common Sense

A new commenter, Alceste, showed up this past week. As is my habit, I always backtrack folks who comment and whenever possible, I thank them for stopping by the 'Corner, leaving a comment plus you never know who might be hiding behind the keyboard and trolling Counterjihadist, Conservative sites like this one. Quite a few trolls and trollops have been flushed out and that is why all comments are moderated.

Alceste, as it turns out has a great start on new site called Common Sense. It is a work in progress as all new sites are but the posts so far are deeply insightful and for the most part, spot on. Of course I will be 'stealing' from CS. The posts run a bit long (like I can talk about long posts???)

Common Sense is now on the blogroll and may get a snazzy side bar spot.

Please check this site out. I do not say this often but trust me on this one. PatriotUSA


Common Sense

In the following pages I offer nothing more than simple facts, plain arguments, and common sense............

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Alceste said...

Wow thanks so much!

PatriotUSA said...

The very least I can do and like I said, CS is worthy of a mention here. Let those who follow me on twitter, FB and a couple of other sites know about Common Sense.