72 hours on the fly.......

I am still lurking in the shadow lands but have just run short on time to get any posts up, save this one.

A friend and his family received a 72 eviction notice and I have been helping him move his family. They were in government mediation/negotiations with the bank and thought they had a deal to stay in their home.

Guess not and the man will be there at 7:30 AM (just seven and a half hours from now!!) to lock my friend out. I am on my way to finish helping him. Then I have an MRI without contrast and then with contrast at 11:30, so my day is shot. I have to be sedated for any MRI, let alone a two time run through MRI. Really feeling a bit more run over than normal, whatever 'normal is?

I will return, just not sure when.

Thank you to all who have been posting the last few days.

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Andrea said...

We got your back Patriot - WHITE LIGHTS on your friend - WHITE LIGHTS on your appointment.

Findalis said...

On November 7th thousands of people will get their 72 hour notice. Just after they vote for Obama.

Keep your powder dry.

PatriotUSA said...

Thank you Andrea, email later today, tonight.

On way to MRI and at least I am knocked out for three or four hours!

Andrea said...

Hugs. Big BIG hugs.