Update on Eric Allen Bell

Gary Fouse

As I recently posted, a number of irresponsible voices have wrongfully connected documentary film maker Eric Allen Bell to the video, "The Innocence of Muslims". His Facebook page has been flooded with death threats from both the US and overseas. His name is being bandied about by the crazy clerics in Egypt and else where saying he (as well as the actual producers) must be punished for his "role in the film". (And I'm not talking about prosecution.) Islamic websites are spreading the falsehood that Bell was involved in the film. (Bell is an outspoken opponent of the Murfreesboro mosque project.) As  a result of all this, Bell has had to relocate.

One of the websites that is associating Bell with the actual film makers is The American Muslim.org.

So here we have an American citizen (Bell), who has exercised his First Amendment rights in his own country, now under countless death threats. Of course, if the people who want him dead had any reason, it could pointed out that Bell had nothing to do with the film. The reality is, however, that the opportunistic Islamists are using the film to catch other fish in their net.

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Anonymous said...

The liberal forces in America condemned Donald Rumsfeld roundly and incessantly for saying immediately post 9/11 that he was going to round everything up, 9/11-related or not. Where are those same voices now?

Andrea said...

And the halls of the white house remain deathly quiet.

HermitLion said...

It is quite amazing - not that the islamic hordes have accused him without evidence, and are acting based on that accusations - but that no American body or official would dare step in and say, "you are condemning the wrong guy."

Why? Because they are now sacrificing free speech to the crocodile, and any offering is valid.

Eric is an honest, brave man, who dared look the truth in the face, and did not coil. I stand by him.