True love and trust

AJ is in my chair with me and is completely at peace. His head is in my lap and he is looking at me with complete and total trust that only comes from PURE love. The love that only a dog has. Love that is uncompromisable, has no conditions, contracts or I will change if you will change nonsense.

Me, Jacob and AJ at the coast about four years ago

Many of you have seen this next picture before but This is where AJ and myself are at. The bond of love grows deeper every day.

After professional photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson took this photo of her friend John Unger and his 19-year-old rescue dog, Shoep, taking one of their therapeutic evening swims in Lake Superior, she posted it on Facebook and it went viral. (Courtesy of Hannah Stonehouse Hudson/StonehousePhoto.com)

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Findalis said...

I see you are not chopping wood.

Looks like fun.

Nick said...

Great photos!

Andrea said...

This song is ever attributed to human relationships - non the less seeing these pictures it instantly came to mind knowing how A.J. is always, always there for you. It was so easy to transpose the love to that of a very special animal for his very special person.