There Are Still 'A Few Good Men'

Not at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C., but for sure out in the heartland of America and elsewhere.

Last evening a sister was nearing melt down, just exhausted with what was going on in her life.  I told her to go to bed.  To leave two particular things that had her overwhelmed to me, I would get them done.  I told her I had her back.

I've got your back - the phrase that in just a few words lets one know your being watched over.  It comes from our military of course, and I believe in every cell of my body that it is so.  But our military is spread far and wide and in the meantime our country is in real danger from the murdering son of a bitch who occupies our White House.

And - there are still a few good men, and women, more than a few, who though not wearing a uniform are ready and I am certain more than willing to step in and give their lives for country.  They are sounding the alarm even now.  Trust they will be there if, or more likely, when, the time comes.

Daniel Greenfield  -  Money is our current drug of choice and like all drugs it appears infinite. We are buying our own debt and selling it back to ourselves and lending ourselves the money to buy our own debt in a spiral that seems beautiful and sensible to an addict, but is a complete disaster to anyone still functioning in the real world.

Obama's solution to all problems is to shoot up more money. Billions, trillions, it doesn't matter because the money is unreal and therefore infinite.  It works because we believe in it and he's in office because he convinced people to believe in him. To him, money, like his persona, is an act of faith and all he has to do is convince everyone to go on believing. And if we ever stop believing, then like a certain coyote with his own improbable schemes, we will crash down to the ground.

Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler  -  Back to “speed bumps”: In case there is a single sentient American who hasn’t yet fully understood the ramifications of a “president” who refers to the deliberate, planned murder of Americans as nothing but “bumps in the road” and reacts accordingly, here’s what he just did: He just painted a giant bull’s eye on every American alive, saying “go ahead and kill as many of them as you can, because I ain’t going to do shit about it. As a matter of fact, the bitches probably deserved it and I’ll apologize for your actions afterwards, right before I throw another truckload of borrowed money at you as a reward. Have fun.”

Eric Allen Bell  -  This is our time.  The time is now.  The time has come.  Islam is making a major move, a power grab – not as a sign of confidence, but because in fact Islam is a dying idea, desperately clawing at anything to survive.  But it cannot.  Islam cannot survive the information age.  Islam cannot stand up to critical thought, to reason, to factual analysis, to being outnumbered by rational sane and civilized people willing to speak up.  If you are suffering from the delusion that you are a Muslim, seek psychiatric attention from a trained professional immediately.  But if you are a lover of liberty than now is the time – now more than ever – this is your time and my time and our time to stand up and say ENOUGH.  Truth is the enemy of Islamic brutality.  Spread it.  Spread it like Napalm.

Pat Condell Condell All week we have heard Muslims telling us that we in the West need to understand how important the prophet is to them. We do understand, and we don't care; that's the point. We don't care now, and we are never going to care. Get used to it"  We don’t give a damn about your feelings. Our feelings are more important, and our feelings tell us that we’re sick to the back teeth of hearing about your religion, so stick a sock in it.”
In short we will not be told what we can and cannot say. Not by you, not by anybody, not now, not ever, no matter how many flags you burn no matter how many embassy's you attack free speech will prevail and you'll suck it up and like it!

PatriotUSA  -  Thanks and peace through superior firepower, I hate Islam, Obama, environazis, Prius drivers, libtards, commies, faggots, white folks who suffer from reverse plantation syndrome (JImmy Carter or Bill Clinton, the second black POTUS), The brady Foundation, Mayor Bloomberg, The Clinton’s, Gov. Brown, Kitzhaber, Pelosi, Reid and the order does not matter except I hate Islam the most, then Obama.
Oops, I am such a racist bastard and yeah, I am an ISLAMOPHOBE. Locked and loaded, come and get me, f–kin’ mussie camel licking, goat humping, child molesting and rapist towel heads.

Bill Whittle  -   "I pray to God that there is a law of heaven higher, and nobler, and sterner than the laws that you trample down here on earth because the willful violation of so sacred a trust over the graves of so many patriots and ripped from the hearts of a great and decent people who champion that freedom around the world deserves a punishment far richer than the one that your going to receive this November when those self same people have closed curtain behind them and finally unleashed their righteous rage on what is without question the most dishonorable, treasonous, self aggrandizing, evil bastard the office of the President of the United States has ever seen."

Allen West  -  When tolerance becomes a one way street it leads to cultural suicide. I shall not be tolerant of the intolerant. I know about the UN  Resolution 1618 which would make any statement deemed by the Organization of  Islamic Countries (OIC) “offensive’ to Islam a crime…..NOT ON MY WATCH  FELLAS!

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PatriotUSA said...

You read my mind, Andrea. Now let us see if these fine comments by myself and others gets any response from those that were mentioned.


Findalis said...

They are but pearls cast before swine.

Those of us who know the danger, the threat understand.

Those who refuse to see, who bury their heads in the sand, will find those heads off their shoulders. The freedoms they enjoy are gone.