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This is from Eric Allen Bell, the brave individual who used to be a liberal film maker, and has been rejected by the thought police, after he tried to raise awareness to the true face of islam. Eric courageously takes a stance against the religion of hate, murder, brutality, rape, and humiliation, which puts him in the cross-hairs of all the 'peaceful' hordes, who are looking to silence every voice that tells the truth about their death cult. In the past week, and especially following the unprovoked attacks on American soil that took place on September 11th., Facebook has been giving an extra push to silence our voice, while doing nothing to prevent murderers from keeping their own groups active in it. Groups that say, out in the open, they want to kill people that just talk about the dangers of islam, are not "does not violate Facebook’s policies", but posting a picture of the mohammed bomb turban - IS. For many of you, it's not news that FB is a liberal site, with a clear bias. What is news, is that we are starting to get this message OUT. And at this moment, information is the greatest enemy of islam. Shana Tova, Hermit Lion

Facebook crescent On September 11, 2012, I wrote a status update on my Facebook wall.  I wanted to remember those innocent souls, who had lost their lives on 9/11 and to say a few words about the ideology that killed them.  Given that that my Facebook account is a fan page, I am provided with weekly stats on how many people I am reaching.  The numbers generally range from about 160k to 450k, week after week.  And the topic is always Counter Jihad.  Here is the message that I posted on 9/11/2012:
ON 9/11 LET US REMEMBER THAT Islam is War. It has been at war, overtly or covertly since its founder, the “prophet” Mohammed, spread his “religion” through warfare, and became the head of state. Islam is about control, conquest and domination. Islam is war. And what is the first casualty in war? The first casualty in war is the truth. Islam is deception. Even a huge percentage of the followers of Islam are deceived as to what it really is. We have a word for such people and that word is, “Moderate Muslims”.
And according to Islam, Muslims are not only allowed to deceive for the sake of Islam, they are commanded to do so. In Islam there is no right and wrong – only that which is commanded and that which is forbidden. Islam has no golden rule, no conscience. The very word itself, Islam, means submission. If this belief system were a human being, it would have the mind of a rapist. Islam gets off on making you submit. You don’t have to like it. You don’t have to convert. You just have to submit.
A non-Muslim is a second-class citizen called a Kafir. You and I are Kafirs. Much of the Koran concerns itself with the Kafir – how to control us, to subjugate us and to kill us. Islam has the mind of a psychopathic rapist and because its founder, the “prophet” Mohammed was in fact a psychopathic rapist himself. Islam was spread through rape. Women were raped by Muslims when a town was seized by Islam. Mohammed ordered this and participated in this. Islam was spread by rapists. Mohammed even raped a child who was only 9 years old.
The Islamic scripture mentions, over 90 times, that Mohammed is the highest moral example. Mohammed personally tortured other human beings, he was a thief, a pedophile, a man who annihilated Jews for Allah, a man who ordered the stoning of women, the beheading of his critics, a man who beat his wives and who forced a woman to marry him, after killing her husband, father, brothers and her entire tribe.
Islam is a criminal enterprise, using lies about hell and Paradise to manipulate its masses. Islam is terrorism. The “prophet” Mohammed said, “Strike terror into the hearts of the unbelievers” and “I have become victorious through terror”. Islam is terrorism. The civilized people on planet Earth seek to evolve. It’s what we have done over time, and it’s what we seek to continue to do. Civilized people evolve. But Islam forbids critical thinking. Instead, Islam demands that we all follow Islamic Law – the Sharia. You have one freedom under Sharia and that is the freedom to follow the Sharia.
Islam seeks to take away your freedoms and mine. It is a 1,400 year old human rights nightmare which must not continue. Today, as I remember all of those innocent souls who lost their lives on 9/11, because of Islam, I reaffirm my commitment to fight Islam until it is destroyed and it is destroyed completely.
Islam and human rights cannot coexist. Islam and Liberty cannot coexist. Islam and America cannot coexist. We must end Sharia in our time. And if we are to evolve and to survive, as a species on this planet, we must wipe out Islam entirely. We must destroy Islam completely. The slightest trace of this Cancer called Islam will try to grow back. The civilized world, which is superior to Islam in every way, simply cannot afford that.
Muslims are human beings, capable of changing their minds.  Muslims, as an entire group of people, are not necessarily our enemy.  Arguably the majority of Muslims in America have a higher sense of morality than Islam itself.  Islam however is a belief system. It is a savage and sadistic belief system, one which we cannot “coexist” with any longer.
In fact, we must crush Islam and destroy it completely. Islam must die in order for all that is good in this world to continue. If you are Muslim, seek help for this mental illness. If you are a person of conscience, know that Islam has one enemy which has the power to destroy it completely and that is TRUTH. The enemy of Islamic supremacy is information. Spread it like napalm. 
Peace, as we remember all those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.
- Eric Allen Bell
The above message was shared by thousands of Facebook members, all around the world.  Who knew that simultaneously, a “filmmaker in California” was to become the latest excuse for a rash of international Islamic violence, directed at infidels for making a film which “mocks the prophet”?  The movie, “The Innocence of Muslims” by the way is awful.  Not because of its subject matter, as I’m all for making a movie which will finally expose the truth about Mohammed, but because it looks like it was shot against a green screen in someone’s garage, over the weekend, with performances equal to those seen in a school play – an elementary school.
I’d be proud to make a film called “The Pedophile Prophet: How a Psychopath created a Religion of Peace which Terrorized the World”.  And if I ever do, it will have higher production values, and I will send out press releases to the media and be sure to invite Cat Stevens and John Stewart to the premiere.  But something tells me this film would literally “bomb” in the movie theaters.
Anyway, recently my Facebook inbox was flooded with the usual threats from Muslims, telling me that I should be killed for “mocking the prophet” and lefties who refuse to tolerate my intolerance.  Here are just 5 real examples, of messages I receive regularly, for daring to criticize the religion of peace:
1) “You are a racist pig who needs to be silenced. I hope someone ends your life slowly and painfully. Why don’t you go find a freeway overpass and throw yourself off of it, or borrow a gun and just blow your own fucking brains out so that we don’t have to listen to your uninformed, racist, bigoted, right wing, bull shit anymore.”
2) “Eric Allen Bell u will die death of a pig.  And every man and women who talk bad about muslim prophet and ALLAH will die as same.”
3) “Why u people want to die so early?”
4) Eric your backward counting has started now.  inshaAllah you will not live more now. wait for your death and that dead will set an example for all the persons which had the same ideology like You.”
5) I will kill u bastard.”
And so on.  Naturally, I report these violations to Facebook and they do absolutely nothing about them.  The FB member remains active, often to only come back and threaten me again and again.  When a Muslim man in New York once sent me the message, “I will cut off your d-ck and shove it down your throat and end your life and then put you out of your misery” or something like that, Facebook could not have been less interested.  This was back when I first started receiving threats, for my articles about the human rights abuses under Political Islam.  (I’m something of an apostate from the Left, having once set out to make a documentary exposing “Islamophobia”).  So I sent Facebook a screenshot and a letter and everything.  It this was like trying to communicate with a brick wall.
A day before the new Sharia Spring got into full swing, with news of “offended” frenzied Islamo-lunatics, scaling walls of US embassies, burning flags, burning buildings to the ground, and sodomizing and killing American diplomats, I had found this Facebook group and I reported it to Facebook:
The Name of the Group is “I Love Allah: I Want to Kill all those Peoplez who make Groups Against ISLAM on Facebook”.
There are over 1,080 members, last time I checked.  And I did receive an email back from Facebook, after making my report regarding a “Credible Threat of Violence”.  According to Facebook, although this group does clearly call for the death of people – people like me for example, it oddly does not violate Facebook’s policies in any way.  Sometimes it just sucks being a white guy.
Sure, there is also a Facebook page called “Death to Israel” and many others like it, but this next one hits pretty close to home, as it targets a few courageous human rights warriors in America, whose work I tend to respect greatly:
The Facebook group called “Pamela Geller is a Terrorist” shows a photograph of an execution table, with the words, “Pamela Geller. Robert Spencer. Brigitte Gabriel” typed above it.  This makes me furious – not climb a wall, rip up a flag, sodomize a diplomat and beat my chest furious.  More like, write an article and make it go viral furious.  The internet is a potential game-changer, after 1,400 years of Islamic cruelty.  In fact, I maintain that the biggest threat to Islamic brutality is truth, information – and that we should spread it like Napalm.
Picture taken from a Muslim FB page which hates Jews and Counter Jihadists
And naturally this, anti-Jewish, pro-Muslim group also instructs its members to falsely report my page to Facebook:
I and hundreds of my friends have reported this page and this image to Facebook.  And we all received similar automated emails back, telling us that the material did not violate any Facebook rules.  Funny, by the time this article gets published online, I won’t be able to post it on my own Facebook wall, because I have been suspended for material that is offensive towards Muslims.  Anyone else starting to see a pattern here?
The “Palestine Action Committee” on Facebook, has similarly targeted me, but I’m not holding my breath to see if the folks at Facebook are able to locate their spine.  And after all, Facebook has to consider the fragile feelings of all of their members:

A few nights ago, (9/12/2012), the latest news reports were breaking, of yet even more offended Muslims, crawling up the walls of US embassies in Cairo and Yemen and other Sharia Spring countries.  There were reports of offended Muslims throwing Molotov cocktails to avenge the “mocking” of their “prophet” while the Obama Administration issued its usual apologies for our First Amendment – because nothing stands up to Fascism like appeasement.

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