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Call this an opinion from the RIGHT side of the Cascades. 

Where great jobs are scarce but taxes and government overreach, are high. 


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Is has been a bit slow for fodder for PWAV but that changed today with this morning's edition of the Daily Fish Wrapper. The paper that thinks it is a conservative paper but is a perfect example of why newspapers are dying like hornets sprayed with a good 50% solution of DDT. Now that was  fine insecticide and should not have been banned. I am living proof that DDT was and still is safe but that is a story for another time.

Why is that liberals, democrats have to get in your face and try to convince us how proud they are to a liberal and democrat. I am sure the writer of the letter you will read below is 'jumping out of her panties proud' (if she happens to wear any as it may strangle her precious freedom, snort) of how Obama has mishandled, bungled, choked, handled this Mid East melt down a la Jimmie Carter.

I bet she is just fine laying the blame for the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and three others on Bush,  our evil industrial military complex machine, our greedy capitalist system when their blood is on Obama and Clinton's hands. It is OK for Obama and his ilk to raid Medicare of billions of dollars to fund Obamacare but when Conservatives put out a plan that is logical, truth filled and sound, she throws a fit. And this libtarded fool wants to talk about honesty, facts and science? How many plans or BUDGETS have the democrats given us?

I would love to get this person in front of me because I am sure it would take little time to reduce her baby killing,  pro diversity, dignity, and decency logic into the dumpster and have her yelling and screaming in no time.

Of course, Obama is killing himself with many Americans who had not decided how they were going to vote,  The vast majority of those will not be voting for Obama now and that makes November 6th look it may have a happy ending after all.

Think before voting

First we vote into office an administration that ruins our economy over eight years and then criticizes us for not cleaning it up fast enough.

They involve us in two unfunded wars and then complain about the deficits we created.

They send our “volunteers" to fight, only for them to come back without arms, legs and thinking brains.

They cut education and complain about no jobs. Oh yeah, hard to get jobs when you aren’t educated enough to seek them.

They cut government funding for infrastructure and then complain about bridges falling down and potholes in the street.

They promise to save Medicare by giving Grandma a voucher she can’t read or understand and which can’t possibly cover her needs.

They speak of individual responsibility as if it is exclusive to their fellow churchgoers and no one else.

Yes, I am a proud Democrat. I believe in dignity, decency and diversity. Then you can throw into the mix honesty, facts and science.

Why in the world would we exchange President Obama for an empty suit who looks like a president, definitely has wanted to be a president for a long time, but speaks like a warmonger with a narrow-minded view of the world as it really is today?

I know these are strong words, but this is a very important election, which can either move us forward or set us back for a long time to come.

So vote, but think first or value the opinion of those who do. I do not want my grandchildren to be in perpetual war.

An American president has to be more than a jobs czar.

Caroline McKee

Source is here.

Here is does of stupidity #2 and no, we ARE NOT all in this together. This guy is as dumb as the first person. He wants us to give Obama four more years to do what? Wreck our country even worse than it is now and trample our Constitution while doing so.

Not thanks and if I had the chance, I would drive your sorry feeble liberal ass off that cliff.

As Gnadolf said to Pippin, "Fool of a Took!!  Throw yourself in next time, and rid us of your stupidity!!" Indeed!

Know what’s at stake in presidential election

You’re driving down a mountain road with a rock wall on your left and a cliff on your right. Your brakes go out. You have to decide: Do I go left and damage the car to stop or face certain death going right? Either way your car is not going to end up better off than when you started the trip. Four years ago the economy was headed off a cliff. My wife and I couldn’t help but wonder, who would want to be president now?

Obama did, but, like all of us, was blindsided by things he couldn’t control. He naively thought Congress would work with him, the real estate implosion, the war, the crisis in Europe, etc. If I was unemployed, about to lose my home, I would probably be tempted to vote for anyone but Obama, but that would be wrong. We can’t afford to waste our vote just to get revenge. Take the time to look past the attack ads, know exactly what the issues are and what’s at stake. We’re all on this road together.

Jim Ornat
Powell Butte

Source is here.

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