Pat Condell to muslims: We DO NOT CARE if you are offended

I find Islam, sharia law and the violence that always spills innocent blood as a result of Islam, OFFENSIVE!

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Stogie said...

A most righteous rant! Pat Condell expresses my feelings exactly on the subject of Islam.

I HATE Islam, and I am not at all ashamed or reticent about saying so.

PatriotUSA said...

And that is how and why we got connected, Stogie!

Islam, the most destructive, perverted and offensive political ideology mankind has ever suffered from!

Anonymous said...

If muslims are "offended" by something then it is by definition a good thing. Morally good, that is.

islam is a dark, evil force in the world. People who have submitted to it don't like it when morally sane people shine a light on what they believe - no more than vampires like sunlight.

Which is exactly why we need to break out the flashlights and make sure they're loaded up with a set of heavy duty batteries.