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I will gone for the next two days helping our daughter move up to. gag, spit, hack, puke, Dorkland, Libtardland, Portland. This is her official moving out and yes, I am very sad on the one hand but happy to see her get out on her own as she is very ready. Just wish it was not to Portland, which I really do hate outside of the great places to eat, hippies to torment, Occupy freeloaders to make fun of and all the stupid, self righteous Prius drivers to flip off and insult. They may be the worst. Of course there is always a chance I may end up in jail especially with it just being me and my son, heh, heh.

The MRS. is quite upset and rightfully so as it is just much harder on Moms. I admit it, I am a bit selfish and am ready for this event to happen.

If I can, and this move and drive back does not sideline me and wreck my back worse than it is, I will be back Saturday sometime.

I really want to thank all the contributors here for tossing up posts and I check the numbers once a day. This site is getting  much more traffic and again PC was never started for numbers or to become a big blog site. For any new folks dropping by PC was started as a counterjihad, anti-Islam, sharia law site. Due to the current POTUS, this mission and him being removed from office is more important than ever. If you like what you read here, tell others and if you do not, tell your friends as we welcome any and all here.

Patriot's Corner is COUNTERJIHAD, Against Islam and Islamic sharia law. PatriotUSA is against any and all immigration especially from ANY Muslim country. This is a Constitutionally Conservative, politically incorrect, America, American Military, American exceptionalism loving site, long live the SECOND AMENDMENT and to hell with the United Nations!

Any questions? Good, I did not think there would be.

And it most certainly is, on the best of days!

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Nick said...

I look forward to reading your report from the road - I really do!

best wishes & drive safely,