Mom will 'be over this' when she watches murdering rapist who killed her daughter, be put to death

Tina Curl has waited for 22 years and some people have the audacity, the nerve, to tell this woman to  get over this already and move on with her life.
Becky O'Connell

22 years ago Tina Curl's heart was ripped out, torn to shreds when her 9 year old daughter was raped and murdered by Donald Moeller.. Could YOU tell this grieving mother to 'get over it'?

Years of legal battles  have delayed this bastard and his date with death by lethal injection. This is the only method allowed in South Dakota to carry out the death penalty. It seems far to gentle when compared to the suffering that Becky O'Connell must have had to endure from the hands of Donald Moeller.

"Authorities say Moeller kidnapped O'Connell from a Sioux Falls convenience store, drove her to a secluded area near the Big Sioux River, then raped and killed her. Her naked body was found the next day. She had been stabbed and her throat was slashed.

Moeller, 60, initially was convicted in 1992, but the state Supreme Court overturned it, ruling that improper evidence was used at trial. He was again convicted and sentenced to die in 1997.

The state Supreme Court affirmed the sentence, and Moeller has lost appeals on both the state and federal levels."

How much money has been wasted, thrown away trying to defend this vile, worthless piece of human trash? How much money is, was tossed away trying to defend vermin like Moeller, nationwide?

Here in Oregon, our worthless, gutless Governor, Kitzhaber has vowed to over turn the Oregon death penalty law that was passed by the good people of Oregon.

Then again, no law, no matter how great it may be, is never safe from the liberal regressive agenda that has ruled and ruined Oregon over the last two plus decades.


Upstate New York mom raises enough money to attend execution of man who killed her daughter

 Tina Curl, of Lake Luzerne, N.Y., had needed about $4,000 to make the 1,600 mile drive to see convicted killer Donald Moeller “take his last breath.”

“We’ve raised all the money,” Curl told the Daily News on Tuesday. “Anything extra will be put towards Beck’s funeral.”

Curl’s 9-year-old daughter, Becky O’Connell, was raped and murdered by Moeller in 1990 after briefly leaving their South Dakota home to buy candy.

Years of legal battles have delayed Moeller’s execution for the grisly crime. He’s now set to be executed sometime between Oct. 28 and Nov. 3.
Curl, 50, began a campaign last month to raise cash for the trip back to South Dakota, and she has a word of caution for those who might judge her intentions.

“You don’t know until you walk in someone else’s shoes,” she said.

"I believe that if it was their daughter, they'd believe in it [the death penalty] and they would want people to help them," she said.

Money has poured in from around the country.

“I don’t know how much there is ... our neighbor is taking care of all that,” she said.

She and husband, Dave Curl, have been living on about $720 dollars a month in disability, but they said they were determined to make the cross-country trip.

The $4,000 will go toward repairs on her car, gas, and a hotel for the week-long stay in South Dakota. Curl, who suffers from a bad heart, says she can’t fly.

Any extra money that rolls in after expenses are met in South Dakota will go toward paying off Becky’s funeral in Lake Luzerne.

Asked if she was prepared for the trip, Curl simply said, “we’re working on it.”

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Andrea said...

"You don’t know until you walk in someone else’s shoes,” she said.
Another 22 years will still not erase the absolute horror, the pain, the memories.
We judge. It is human nature. Looking for my checkbook now.

Findalis said...

First of all: This piece of trash should be tied down and the mother should be allowed to do whatever she wants to him.

Second: Don't worry about the punishment being too light. He will facing the Ultimate Judge of us all. There is no appeal from that verdict and I do believe this worthless piece of trash will be heading to a very warm place.