Light posting for next couple of days-Firewood

I will be very busy with Firewood the rest of this week, perhaps longer, as it is now September.

It is time to get all the wood split and stacked. Much of what we have has been drying out for the last year and of course, setting up the prefect environment for Yellow jacket and Hornet nests. Nothing like 'discovering' a nest of Bald Faced Hornets and why I have a tank sprayer handy filled with a nice blend of heavy duty insecticide.

Have about six cords of wood and maybe more on the way.

I scrounge for wood year round and get much of it for free.

I WILL NOT be doing any of the wood splitting before anyone gets all over me as my various orthopedic challenges makes my days of splitting wood, long gone. Our son and a couple of his friends will be helping me out. The Mrs. has already yelled at me several times for doing too much. Can't help it, I am a guy.

Will try to post what I can and thanks for understanding, or not.

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Unknown said...

Happy splitting...It will obviously take a lot of supervising...and you can always fill the rest of your time with the wacky world of the DNC...will give you plenty of material for next week!

PLU from SSF

Findalis said...

Is this "Firewood" you are seeing a blond, brunette or redhead?

I understand. How many cords do you actually use compared to what you actually get?

PatriotUSA said...

Nice try Findalis! Funny, very funny!

That 'firewood' I am seeing is the same wonderful, patient silver haired lady I have been happily married to for the last 24 years. Can't speak for her though and I would be 'wrong' any how.

Depends on how cold a fall/winter it is and usually we burn three to four cords. I ALWAYS try to have a couple extra cords. You know a guy can never have enough 'wood.'!

Don, I did not watch the RNC just cause of being busy and do not watch much TV.

I would surely NOT watch the libtards, QUEERS, feminazis and environazis stink, slime it up at the DNC. If I did, I am sure I would go get my model 97 shotgun and blow our TV into the back yard.

Findalis said...

For extra wood a little stimulation is always a good idea.

One good thing about fires. You get hot twice:

Once chopping the stuff
The second time burning the stuff.

Andrea said...

"The Mrs. has already yelled at me several times for doing too much. Can't help it, I am a guy."

Dear friend and Patriot - re "I am a guy" - a favorite quote - Argue for your limitations and ya get to keep em! LOLOLOL And just for the record - I'm with the Mrs!

PatriotUSA said...

OK, OK I am under serious nagging and threats here at schloss Homer and now I am getting sniped at here.

Just so everyone is informed and probably happy; I cam home from work and every damn axe, splitting maul, sledge hammer and wedges were gone, just disappeared and none of the women here are talking, for once and is that ever a rare occurrence! My son was not so strangely absent from the house so i am sure the MRS. had him hide all of them. I said I was not going to do any splitting but will anyone take me at my word and trust me???

NOOOO wwaayyy....Probably has something to do with my suspect track record and to top it off the damn neurosurgeon called here to 'check' up on me and the Mrs. answered the phone. All I heard was her say, "no, he has not been very good but he is sorta trying to be."

The cards are so stacked against me and I am damn fortunate that I have people who give a damn about me. Truly blessed is what I am and thanks Andrea. I had better go before I go on a rant about limitations........