Facebook policy regarding hate speech

The above is a group on facebook, opened by muslims (naturally), that says "I want to kill all those peoplez who make groups against ISLAM on facbook".

So far, absolutely standard behavior by islamists, "murder everyone who doesn't think exactly like me".
There are over 1000 members in that group.

Facebook has refused to remove the group, on accounts that it "does not violate (our) statement of rights and responsibilities."

On the other hand, people who dare stand up to islam on Facebook are routinely BANNED.

This is the address of this hate group:

The Report button is on the right, very small, and looks like a cogwheel.

Right now, we don't have the luxury of boycotting facebook, because it helps us spread awareness against the threat of islam, but let us not forget which side they've picked, when it becomes possible to leave it en masse.


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