CNN: White Protestants 'Have Jumped The Shark'

Are you tired already from the blatant racism of Democrat supporters? I know I am, but here's one more incident for the pile, and don't forget - if you think outside the party line, you are obviously a RACIST.

According to Dean Obeidallah, commentator at CNN.com, white Protestants have “jumped the shark.” Here’s what Obeidallah had to say:

I'm sincerely not gloating. And my jibes are in jest. But what I'm happy about is that our two major political parties are increasingly reflecting the new face of America. The demographics of our nation are changing and, by 2042, minorities are expected to become the majority in the U.S.

Objectively, the delegates at this year's Democratic convention were far more diverse. The Republican convention looked more like the early bird dinner crowd at The Cracker Barrel.

Obeidallah sees the fact that Barack Obama is black, Mitt Romney is Mormon, and Paul Ryan is Catholic as a sort of referendum on Protestantism. He says that the fact that none of the top candidates are white Protestants shows that women and minorities can vote (he ignores the fact that women and minorities have been voting in this country for dozens of presidential elections). And he sees that as a great thing, because hey, it’s fine to mock white Protestants.

The deep racism and anti-religious bigotry of the column is glossed over by CNN editors, who refuse to acknowledge that had this column been written about any other religion or race, it would be unprintable. Only according to the left should the racial makeup of the delegates at a convention be an important element of the political discussion; only according to the left should the personal religious beliefs of candidates, rather than their governing values, be the issue.

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