Barack Hussein Obama Caught Drunk Driving

On the 11th anniversary of 9/11 we, the people, are again attacked.

And the question begs to be asked - where was our sheepdog?

I am a woman past eligibility to be accepted as a volunteer for the military. I am more fit than most my age thanks to genes, not discipline.  The simplistic picture I draw for you is that of an average woman in her early sixties, not physically capable of having your back, or my own, in times of need.  I am what I am - vulnerable - and YOU are what you are.  Got it?

What this average woman is capable of, mentally, is a spontaneous visceral reaction to an atrocity.  Via PatriotUSA, this from Pat Dollard -"the U.S. ambassador to Libya was raped sexually before killing..."  Flashback - Laura Logan, Mona Al-Tahtawy, Caroline Sinz, Natasha Smith - raped, hair ripped out, sodomized, beaten.  As this story continues to unfold will we find out the same fate befell the two Navy Seals and the fourth man?

My immediate reaction was animalistic.  At some very deep level I knew fear, then I wanted to tear out someone's throat. I wanted revenge for a man I don't even know because Christopher Stevens represents us.  All of us.  

Can these same atrocities happen here on US soil?  Ask the good people of the United Kingdom.  Ask yourself!  Twelve years ago we would have scoffed at the idea that terrorists would take out the Twin Towers.

Atrocities in the middle east are well known and are not to be repeated on this post as I am trying, struggling, to articulate my thoughts/reactions to this one situation, which possibly speaks to your concerns as well as my own.

After two American embassies are attacked on 9/11/2012, the American sitting president made a limp-wristed protest before a fawning media.  As is norm, he took no questions, then continued on to Las Vegas for yet another fundraiser as if nothing of importance had happened.  It was just another day in the busy schedule of the man who has occupied our White House.

At that very deep visceral level I spoke of before, my needs went unmet.
Contrast Obama's reaction with that of President Reagan's to the incident in Libya in 1986 when Qadhafi had a nightclub in Germany bombed.  American servicemen frequented the club.  A young Turkish woman was killed and 230 others wounded including 50 American military personnel.

Ten days later President Reagan bombed the crap out of Libya's headquarters, terrorist facilities and military assets.
And my question goes unanswered - who's got my back?  Who has your back?  Who representing America has the worlds back in time of need?  

Certainly it is not this president drunk behind the wheel of his own magnificence.

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Findalis said...

What we need is a leader NOT a community organizer.

Dear G-d, please don’t curse us with another 4 years of Obama. I beg of you!

Andrea said...