And She Prays For The Arctic Sun

I was awake in the wee hours this morning.  It was dark outside. The sun emerged later - of course. Tonight there will be more dark, tomorrow more sun.  This will go on predictably for the foreseeable future - and I pray to God for the long arctic light of consciousness.  The alternative will be very dark days ahead.

The 2012 elections are two months away.  There are huge numbers of undecided voters sitting on the fence.  I know many of these folks, and what I know about them is that they want to believe however they choose, that their decision was intelligent and well thought thru and that they too make a difference.

Unfortunately,because they have lives that are not dedicated to paying attention every waking moment to the political spectacle now inundating us, they will most likely be influenced by slick political commercials or the last headlines generated.

There is another way. Barack Obama has given us nearly four years of information on how he sees America and how he intends to change us.  And every bit of it is available on video.  Campaign promises are one thing - one's record is another.  Our job is to get Barack Hussein Obama, in his own words, his actions - into the hands of these good folks and they can make up their own minds.

I will start with the issue of life.  Thinking again of those undecided.  When the day's work is done, their hours are filled with that very thing - LIFE!  Their children, and grandchildren, and parents, and friends surround them.  LIFE!  If they understood Obama's calloused, unashamed position on abortion, including partial birth abortion - in the gut level analysis of their own beliefs, no matter choices or positions they have taken before, they might conclude, he does not speak for me.


Initially this looks to be one of those - look at the stupid American youth videos.  It is so far from that.  When presented with questions of life and death, the honesty with which they began, and honesty of their reactions and thought process' thru to the end gives me great hope for tomorrow - not only for American youth but those around the world who will be the leaders of future generations.

H/T @paulojohncastro 

At his website GrumpyElder has posted a large number of videos of Obama from the last four years.  Sound bite by sound bite he revealed his vision for this great country, and it is not a pretty picture. 

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Findalis said...

The Democrats are against School Choice, Union Choice, but are all in favor of Infanticide.

The WRONG type of Choice.