Why libtards, treehuggers and environazis hate me

I normally do not put any bumper stickers on my car. But this is not a normal election year at all.
It  was paramount for me to alert those who hate anyone who is a Constitutional Conservative or a Conservative of any type where I stand.

Warning: You are entering a permagrump rant zone.

These small bumper stickers really have upset many kool aid drinkers and brainwashed, progressive statists. They have no problem getting into my personal space to confront me which is a really BAD IDEA for them. More on this below after a bit about the car in the picture, a 1995 supercharged Buick Riviera. The car was a special order, is lowered about two inches from the factory with special sway bars, bushings and handles like a rock on twisty roads. Has a few 'tweaks' done to the engine. Mostly electronic, ignition and a special computer chip package. It is also a very rare color, purple gray mist with all black leather (animal hide, got that one PETA lovers?) Enough said here.

obama must be removed from office and at this point it may not matter how. Draw your own conclusions on that last comment.

This is the back of my car and is what most other losers see if they think their car is fast and mess with me. There are faster cars out there but my car is a BOAT, 4500 lbs of AMERICAN BOAT and I have embarrassed many a car nut who thought it would be fun to mess with an older white, domestic, Conservative terrorist. It is a great car to terrorize those who drive a Toyota Prius, Honda Insight, Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf or any tiny car. I do not need no stinking econazi tin can to make myself feel good about 'mother earth and and saving the planet. My car is almost 20 years old and how is THAT for carefully using our resources and making things last?  I also have no problem with using up my share of mother earth's resources while I am here on 'mother earth.' 

Fossil fuels? Gotta love them and they are not going away. How do you stupid environazis plan to power all your electric vehicles? Wind, solar, wave generation? Yeah right. Oh that's right, you idiots will not have any cars after Agenda 21 is totally in place but that better not happen on our watch. I say mine, drill, pump, our way to energy independence until new energy sources are truly viable. Let's build some nuclear plants, refineries, hydroelectric generating stations while we are at it. These all can be done safely and in a clean, environmentally responsible manner but not with obama, the first muslim illegal alien potus. By the way, I LOVE COAL!

Mileage? Glad you asked. About 20-22 MPG in town and I have gotten as high as 36 MPG on the highway but it is usually around 28-32 MPG and this is cruising at 65 MPH to 90 MPH. Notice I DID  NOT say or use kilometers? That is because I am a Legal American, born, raised in the AMERICAN WEST and GOD BLESS TEXAS! I learned in school about cups, pints, quarts gallons, inches, feet, yards, miles, acres and how to use tools in SAE, not the stinking metric system. I will take 30 MPG in a BIG AMERICAN CAR over 50 MPG in a stinking itty bitty Prius, feeling much safer should I get in an accident. Maybe those who drive these econazi 'green' cars are consumed by guilt? The same guilt that so many liberal white folks suffer from, what I call 'reverse plantation syndrome'.


So toady I stopped at the grocery store after work (another thing obama and mooch know NOTHING about) and lucky me, it just could not be a simple stop at the store, then go home for a cigar and few IPA's.

I ALWAYS park away from other cars for a couple reasons. One is to be able to watch my surroundings as I have made some people mad,  a couple of fatwas sent my way, you get the picture here. I try not to take any chances or leave myself in a bad spot. Two, I do not like parking lot dings happening to my car and I like to take up as many spaces as I can. So I park way out in right field, always!

As I came out of the store and toward my car, I noticed four 'people' looking at it. This is not unusual as it is a great looking car, and did I mention it is a BIG AMERICAN CAR? Four people around my car? OK, this made me nervous straight away and my instincts were spot on. These were not nasty, scruffy, smelly earth muffins. They were dressed well and what I would call hipsters or wanna be hipsters. Four young white males, two with obama 2012 shirts on and the other two had on some stupid band shirts.

I got to my car and asked "why are you all by my car?"

"Why do you drive such a big gas guzzler and why do you hate obama? Is it because he is the first, great BLACK potus and he is bringing great and necessary changes to our country? Do you own  any guns and why are you a racist?"

All I did was stop at the store to get some fixings to make supper as the Mrs. had band practice tonight and I try to be a nice guy, to some people. So I am a racist and a gun crazed white, older, domestic terrorist according to DHS and these losers.

"Why are you making assumptions and making accusations towards me? Is it based on the bumper stickers on my car and the fact that it is a BIG AMERICAN CAR?" You all may just want to leave me alone. If you all are looking for trouble, you may have just found it."

"You are a typical, hate filled white guy and I bet you are a Christian! No one else would drive such a car like this. and we know you have guns!"

See where this is going? All I want to do is get home and have a beer.

"How do you losers not know that I do not have a weapon on me or in my car? Is this what you all do? Bother people who may not agree with your politics or perverted views instead of working for living?"

"There are four of us and only one of you, what are going to do about it?" He got about two inches from my face and that is a bad thing to say to me, let alone get so close to me. 

I had a bottle of Coca Cola in my left hand and had been shaking it up and the top was already just about off. I whipped it around and sprayed the one punk right in the face. A shame to waste a good Coke on such a brainwashed simpleton but it worked as he dropped to the parking lot, crying. The other three hesitated and that gave me a chance to grab my cane and I clocked two them really HARD on the back and they fell over on top of the sniveling baby that I wasted my Coke on. The fourth wisely, did nothing.

"Leave me alone or it will get worse!" I made sure they understood this got in my car and drove off.
As I was leaving I saw a cop car pull up next to these losers so someone must have called the 'incident' in. The police know my car, where I live and I am sure they will NOT come by.

Just one more reason why I am the way I am and have permagrump.

I never did get the chance to ask those well dressed hooligans what THEY drove and where they were from.

This is how Amerika America is changing. The simplest expressions, freedom of speech are being rabidly attacked by the left, encouraged and exhorted on by the muslim in the White House. Our republic is terribly polarized. obama is waging, class, social, racial and economic warfare upon the average middle class (what is left of us). Many are too consumed with the day to day struggle to survive to really notice and that is what the left is banking on.

A few simple stickers, a BIG AMERICAN CAR and that is why libtards, treehuggers and environazis hate me?

Keep your hate and just leave me alone. It is REALLY that simple. Be sure to vote out obama on November 6th. He will not go into that last, long overdue night, quietly.

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5 Comments - Share Yours!:

Nick said...

A tip for the future: if you have a coke bottle all shaken up and ready to go, and you get the chance: stick it up the other fellow's nose.

That's a car btw. You'd get on with my brother, that's for sure! He's an Audi man like.

Findalis said...

Nice car. I bet you can get another 20 years if not more out of it.

But never waste Coke like that. It is too Americana for that use. I would have hit them with a bag carrying a can of peas.

MrG's said...

When I had a bunch of tea party stickers on my old truck box on my Ranger, I got cut off and brake checked several times in the more progressive areas where I live. That is the funny thing about the progressive types..they are soo perfect, that they have to confront the perceived flaws in their knuckle dragging lesser mortals that also have to inhabit the planet since we havn't seen the light or drunk the kool-aid and worshipped the Chicago jesus.

PatriotUSA said...

If I had a can of peas with me, that is what i would have hit them with.

I did have my .380 LCP Ruger on me but thee were poser, hipster punks.
Not really worth the time of daylight.

A Coke is a TERRIBLE thing to waste. Pepsi? That's different.

Another 20 years Findalis? I would think so but I may not have another 20 yeas, Heh!

Nick: I have ALWAYS loved Audi's, Volvo's and BMW's. Only foreign cars I will even own and the Mrs. Has a Turbo Vovlo wagon, 1991 that just turned 185,000 miles and runs like a top and a bat outta hell.

Big cars are what I cut me teeth on. If I ever have the extra funds I will beef up the engine even more. HAS ABOUT 285 HORSEPOWER RIGHT NOW. There is quite a bit I can still do.

Andrea said...

Patriot - my spouse asked me to pass along to you - we purchased a 240GL Volvo wagon in 1988. We sold it in 2002 for $1,800.00. Miles at time of sale - 386,000.