Poverty with a view: Two more reasons why NOT to vote for Obama

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Call this an opinion from the RIGHT side of the Cascades. 

Where great jobs are scarce but taxes and government overreach, are high. 


As so many people say these days, "you just cannot make this stuff up. So it goes here in the hinterlands of Central Pooregon. The slow slide into fall has already started here and we have already dipped down to freezing here at night, last week. Seasons can switch quickly here in the high desert.  The idiocy of those who continue to ride the Unicorn of hope and change and slide down the rainbow to fiscal Armageddon never changes. The horrific thing is that these brainwashed progressive, regressive dolts want to take all of us with them on their ride into 'everyone is equal' stupid, utopia land.

How well has this ever worked out for other countries like Spain, Greece, France? Even Finland and Switzerland are moving away from the socialist models that ensure massive government failure.

Not that most of us need any more reasons NOT to vote for Obama but just in case you are on the fence, here are two more. Both of these letters come from Bend, which used to be a really nice place say like in 1985, before these type of moon bat, leftarded loons really started ruining Oregon and turning it into POORegon.

Obama a better choice than Romney on many issues

First, I won’t be voting for Mitt Romney because he can’t fix the economy. In fact, no president can fix the economy. The economy is too complex for any one person to instantly make it all better.

Our economy is in bad shape because of competition from foreign factories with cheap labor and appalling environmental standards; because of having borrowed more than a trillion dollars to pay for a decade of wars; because of disgraceful practices by deregulated and unregulated financial institutions and corporations; because of European fiscal uncertainty; because of a housing bust brought on by too easy credit; because of politicians in both parties who pander to lobbyists and avoid hard choices, etc.

There is no quick fix here.

But even though no president can magically fix the economy by himself, I trust President Barack Obama’s insights more than Romney’s.

Romney has spent his life creating wealth, not jobs. These are not the same thing. He and his cronies got rich by liquidating small businesses and firing their workers. Job creation was never his goal. He has stashed his loot in foreign banks, has buried most of his tax returns and has lied about his role at Bain Capital. His past performance gives me no confidence that he can do any better than Obama at creating jobs or income for average Americans. In fact, it gives me every reason to believe that he would do worse.

Second, I won’t be voting for Romney because I don’t agree with him on social issues. Let’s take just two examples: abortion and immigration. Here is a man whose brother-in-law’s sister died from a botched illegal abortion and once supported a woman’s right to choose. Now he says we should go back to the days when women could not get a safe legal abortion. Here is a man whose father was born a Mexican citizen and who could therefore, if he wished, claim dual Mexican and American citizenship for himself. But now he would deny people brought to this country as babies and reared as Americans a path to U.S. citizenship. Romney’s lack of consistency and hypocrisy are simply stunning.

Whoever is president for the next four years will likely appoint at least one Supreme Court justice. The prospect of putting that power into the hands of a man whose values are a weather vane spun by the prevailing political winds is terrifying. Even if Romney could fix the economy — which he can’t — his current positions on the social issues would cause me to reject him.

Ultimately, I will not be voting for Romney because he has no core values, so I cannot predict what he will do if elected. This is best illustrated by his flip-flopping on health care. He was a strong advocate for personal responsibility as governor of Massachusetts — arguing even within his own party that it was wrong to let free riders get on the health care bus. Everyone should have access to health care, he said, but everyone should also be expected to help pay for it. Yet when that same Republican individual responsibility approach was incorporated into the Affordable Care Act in 2010, he repudiated his position to appease the right wing of his own party. I cannot support a candidate who is so weak.

I do not think Obama has been a perfect president. He was naive and inexperienced when he was elected. He has made mistakes and done some things I don’t like. But he has both a sound head and a caring heart. And he knows what he believes. That lands him on the right side of most issues. He will be a much better president in his second term than Romney could ever be in his first.


I just refuse to respond to this Obamabot. Filling in the blanks is so easy and these people can never argue their points or back them up with researched logical facts or historical facts.  I leave you with this from the above first glass of Kool Aid:  

" I cannot support a candidate who is so weak."

Yet he supports Obama?? Amazing and like I said, I cannot even make up this kind of blind stupidity.

Ready for glass two of dopey and changey? This one is a real winner pile of brainwashed, well you can fill that blank in here as well and please, do not hurt yourself. You better have the barf bag ready or be close to the bathroom and no, I am not kidding. PatriotUSA

Obama has a proven record on foreign policy
By Patricia Porter

One of the most important responsibilities of any United States president is foreign policy, and President Barack Obama has excelled in this arena.

With the highly savvy team of policy makers he selected, the Obama administration has been able to galvanize U.S. resources to deal with tricky situations worldwide. Eliminating Osama bin Laden and winding down the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are cases in point.

Through other operations, such as aiding Libya, the Obama administration has made it clear that democracy is alive and well, and human rights will continue to be championed by the U.S.

Due to his capable leadership, the world of foreign affairs is in better shape than it has been in a long time. No easy job, to say the least.

Obama’s intelligent approach in the area of foreign affairs rests on the unique ability of his leadership to pay close attention to specific circumstances in troubled areas worldwide and be flexible enough to listen, learn and improvise accordingly. Such adaptability provides a powerful approach rarely employed in past administrations.

While Mitt Romney’s awkward gaffes on his recent foreign relations tour showed a lack of awareness of cultural subtleties, Obama has actually addressed difficult foreign issues extremely successfully.

Truth be told, Romney puts forth few specifics on foreign policy and struggles to find any big disagreements with what the Obama administration has accomplished in the critically important area of foreign affairs.

Can't say I did not warn you about this last letter and  I love this point Ms. Porter coughs up:

"Through other operations, such as aiding Libya, the Obama administration has made it clear that democracy is alive and well, and human rights will continue to be championed by the U.S."

Maybe she should investigate how Christians in the Muslim countries that have suffered from the arab spring winter have fared since every one of these Muslim countries have installed a more radical sharia based system of government. Better yet, she should ask the Copts in Egypt how that new Muslim version of 'democracy' is working before they are all killed off? 

 I could go on a total rant here but neither of these two brainwashed fools are worthy of any more of my time but please feel free to leave some snarky comments. 

I think it best we close on a good note. Here is one letter that proves we still do have folks here in Central POORegon who can think a bit more clearly and see through all the hopey, changey unicorn garbage. PatriotUSA

Following from behind
By Janice Schock

Would that we all could be living in Patricia Porter’s “world of foreign affairs (that) is in better shape than it has been for a long time." (Sunday, Aug. 12)

I hope that she will follow with some pertinent examples of the difficult foreign issues addressed by Barack Obama “extremely successfully."
It is my observation that we are subjected to constant media hype and spin that would influence Porter, but the column on the front page of the same edition — written by Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson — rather well refuted Obama’s so-called successful policies.

Gerson is fairly moderate as a rule, giving both left and right close scrutiny. Therefore his remarks seem merited.

As for Obama’s leadership qualities, I agree with Professor Peter Feaver — as quoted by Gerson — that “America has gone from ‘leading from behind’ to ‘following from behind.’" It is a sad commentary.

The United States CANNOT afford nor suffer from another term of Obama. This is not an election to vote for wacko nut job Ron Paul or sit out the election. The change in demographics will lead us to become a third world country of entitlement beggars who will keep voting for those politicians who give the masses free entitlements. There is no such thing as free in government hand outs. The liberals, progressives, statists and traitors who hate America are drooling with anticipation of another term of Obama. DO YOUR PART and vote this communist, socialist America hating traitor out of office on November 6th. It may truly be our last chance to save our country, short of a second, possibly very bloody second revolution. PatriotUSA

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Nick said...

Obama does ihave a proven record on foreign policy - one of failure!