PatriotUSA is not dead nor missing..........

That would make too many islamosympathizers, muslims, libtards, statists, commie progressive, kool aid drinking socialists, reverse plantation syndrome white stooges happy!  We cannot have any of that now, can we?

Well, I was AWOL for a few days out of necessity and did I ever hear about it!

No reason to go into the why or other details except to say it was needed to gather myself and had NOTHING to do with PC or blogging, just life and it's complications. Pain, lots of and way too much pain.

To those who expressed their concern(s), THANK YOU! I was astonished by the number of emails I got when I went missing.

I have posts for later tonight so at times I feel like sorta dead but am not even close. I will be here until the good Lord calls me home to be with his Son. PatriotUSA

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