Must watch video :Occupy marxtard, The rich need to be destroyed:

This moron cannot define what he is against or really hates. He claims to be a 'classicist' and in my book that makes him an elitist. That fact that he is wearing a shirt like this should not be lost on any of us.

The true hate, racism, lives on the left with Obama morons like this example. Is he OK with the progressive agenda of butchering Babies, especially all those poor black babies? Somalia, Afghanistan, a part of Copenhagen are what he deems a success?

"We need housing and food." Duh, don't we all and most of us are willing to work for these two necessities.

Of course, just given to everyone and no, we don't need no stinking jobs.

Hat tip: The Last Refuge.

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Nick said...

Why doesn't he go and live in Somalia or Denmark then?

As for the glorious days of human history which he refers to - idiots like that wouldn't have lasted five minutes.

Findalis said...

Notice he is from a rich family. He isn't working. He isn't starving.

He believes the Red Light District of Copenhagen, where sex and drugs are open for sale a utopia. What does that say about him?

BTW: How do you pay for housing and food? Nobody but Obama and his ilk will give you that for free.

PatriotUSA said...

I work with people this stupid and they feel the same way.

This is the stupid you just can't make up!

Nick said...

It's beyond stupidity, it's utter ignorance.

What does this wingnut really think was going on during all those years of human history that he refers to?

Does he really think anyone, anywhere was just given houses and food for nothing? Anywhere? Ever?

He wouldn't have lasted a fortnight.