Instant Democrats - Available At the Borders

Pretty hard for liberals, progressives and those Kool Aid drinking obamabots to dispute this.

Open borders, flooding our country with illegal aliens through back door amnesty, and giving these law breaking illegal aliens all the free entitlements they could want.

Sanctuary states galore, California (wonder why your state is going broke?), Oregon with a far left Governor like Kitzhaber who has not met an illegal alien or entitlement program he did not love, this is what the democrats have become. 

No wonder sick, corrupt unions like the SEIU have jumped into bed with the democrats and love illegal aliens almost as much as the POTUS, Barack Obama.

Obama Brand Instant Democrats coming to a tiendita or tacqueria near you and soon in all 50 states.

Double hat tip: ARRA News Service and Kenneth Wallis addresswing Arkansas and Little Rock local politics.

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