Imam Discusses Sexual Desirability of Six-Year-Old Girls

It is in the Qur'an so it must be so. 

Muhammad was a pedophile and more than likely raped Aisha. How many Muslims do you hear or see condemning Muhammad? The Democrats are embracing Islam at the DNC. When was the last time you heard or watched Keith Ellison (U.S. Representative for Minnesota's 5th congressional district) denounce the barbaric acts committed by Muhammad?

"Muhammad had sex with Aisha when she was only nine years old. According to the Qur'an (65:4), Muslims can have sex with prepubescent girls. Hence, it shouldn't be surprising to find a Muslim imam telling his fellow Muslims to cover up little girls because of their sexual desirability."

From Answering Muslims

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The Born Again American said...

Islam, the new religion of pedophiles everywhere...

Findalis said...

Notice how he said 6 or 7? Aisha his "favorite wife" was 6 when Muhammad (MHBIH) first saw her, he desired her, he married her. He went to rape her, she lost her hair.

Muhammad (MHBIH) then took her from her family (Rumors of her mother shaving her head.) and brought her to his home as wife.

When her hair grew back and was long enough, he raped her. She was 9.

We are constantly told that Muhammad (MHBIH) is the most perfect man ever to live.